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Beer glasses and mugs

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Glass beer glasses and mugs should be selected according to the type of golden drink. The right vessel will enhance your enjoyment of this beverage. There are many beer glasses and mugs available on the market. So it's worth knowing their types in order to buy the right ones that will work best at home or in a catering establishment. The SmartGAST store offers a wide range of beer glasses and mugs.

Glass beer mugs

Beer mugs in particular are extremely popular. The largest number of lovers of the golden beverage drink from them. They mainly work well for light wheat beers, lagers, pilsners or kozlaks. The tankard features thick glass and a sturdy handle. It allows you to drink a cold beverage without warming it with the heat of your hand. A great advantage of the tankards is their typical, classic shape, which fits many interiors. They are great for bars, pubs, clubs, as well as for home entertainment or outdoor games.

Beer glasses on a leg

One type of well-known and well-liked beer glasses are legged dishes. They are subtle and delicate, much more elegant than ordinary tankards. Characterized by a shape reminiscent of a champagne glass. However, they are much more massive and larger than classic wine or champagne glasses, and the leg of such a vessel is much shorter. The purpose of such a beer glass is to seamlessly show the color of a particular type of beer and its clarity. Beer glasses are chosen for drinks such as kozlaki, dark lagers and pilsners.

Snifter beer cup

Snifter goblets are another interesting alternative to footed tankards and glasses. They have a bursting shape, are wide at the bottom and taper towards the top. Their construction resembles a cognac glass, but they are much larger. Snifter beer cups are used for strong, aromatic beers. The best way to drink from them is with kozlaki or stout beers. The design of the cup allows you to move the beer in circular motions, which contributes to the extraction of aromatic substances from the beer, affecting the enjoyment of the drink.

Weizen beer glasses

Immediately after tankards, weizen beer glasses are most popular. They use this type of vessel mainly for wheat beer. The most important thing is the shape of such a glass. It is tall, tapered at the bottom and widening towards the top. This allows it to hold the foam and sustain it for a longer period of time. Weizen beer glass design aims to highlight all the qualities of wheat beer.

Tulip beer glass

For lovers of beer foam, a Tulip type glass was created. Its shape resembles that of a spreading tulip. It is similar to the Snifter, but it expands at the very top, allowing the foam to last long. In this way, you can not only enjoy the aromas of the foam from the beer, but also enhance the aesthetic qualities of the drink itself. Tulip glasses are perfect for restaurants or bars where the focus is not just on quick service, but on the elegance and style of the food and drinks served.

A wide selection of beer glasses in the offer of SmartGAST store

The SmartGAST store offers many interesting beer glasses and mugs. We only offer products that are durable and resistant to chipping or scratching. The beer glasses and beer mugs we have prepared will work well both at home and in bars, clubs or restaurants. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

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