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Vegetable and fruit peelers are an assortment that should not be missing from any kitchen whether it is a home kitchen or a restaurant kitchen. In our SmartGAST online store we have prepared carefully selected from among the models available on the market, peelers that stand out for their precision, durability and modern, eye-pleasing design. Importantly, these tools are dedicated to both right-handed and left-handed people. Thus, they are versatile and irreplaceable. With models from top brands such as Amerbox, Stalgast, TOM-GAST, Victorinox, or Barup, preparing any dish will be much faster and more enjoyable than when using a traditional knife. Check out what assortment we have prepared for you at smartgast.en. We guarantee full satisfaction of your order.

Peelers for home and catering premises

Peelers are small kitchen accessories, which will be useful both in a home kitchen and a catering establishment such as a restaurant, hotel canteen, bar, food truck or burger shop. Peelers are indispensable in any place where vegetables are served with dishes. Peeling potatoes, carrots, or apples by hand can be time-consuming. Using our peelers, you minimize the time required to prepare a meal as much as possible. This allows you to devote that time to completely different, much more enjoyable and efficient activities. Moreover, the peelers also minimize waste, which is of considerable importance not only in a reputable restaurant, but also in any household. Fewer peels mean more food and less spending. This is the kind of savings that probably every perfect housewife would like to make.

What are the differences between the peelers available in our store?

The various models of peelers you will find in our store differ in workmanship and design. Most often, the work surface will be made of stainless steel, while the handle will be made of plastic. Due to the different preferences of our customers, we have made every effort to include peelers in different shapes in our product range. This allows everyone to choose the perfect model for themselves. If you are the person in charge of restaurant supplies, it is recommended to choose 2-3 pieces of each type. This will give cooks not only choice, but also the freedom to work. We offer smooth and wavy blade peelers, horizontal and vertical models and a full range of colors. Due to the fact that the assortment comes from the best manufacturers, you can count on long-term use of the peelers. Every product available in our store, including peelers, comes with a manufacturer's warranty. For vegetable peelers, the most common is 12 months. We have included detailed information next to each model.

SmartGAST - a store for discerning cooking enthusiasts

The offer of our SmartGAST store is addressed not only to catering establishments such as restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, cafes, pastry shops, or bakeries, but also to individuals, lovers of tasty and aromatic cuisine. So if you love to cook, love to bake, or simply find it relaxing to work in the kitchen, then our assortment is sure to appeal to you. Our products, appliances and accessories will make everyday kitchen tasks even more enjoyable and easier. We are confident that you will spread your wings even further. What assortment we have prepared for you? In our offer you will find buffet supplies, kitchen appliances, refrigeration and freezing equipment, vacuum packers, waiters' accessories, dishwashers, stainless furniture, as well as tableware items such as bowls, jugs, grinders, saucepans, vases and the like. At every stage of the order, we offer our assistance. You can contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer any questions and dispel any doubts. Join the ranks of satisfied customers of the SmartGAST store.

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