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Contact grills

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Contact grills are a great solution for catering. They allow you to prepare a variety of dishes without having to constantly turn and watch over them. They are extremely functional, and the solid construction made with the highest quality materials also makes them durable and safe. In the SmartGAST store you will find a wide range of contact grills with different functions and sizes, so everyone can choose a solution tailored to their personal needs and the requirements of their own catering establishment. We encourage all those who are looking for solutions at the highest level to get acquainted with the details of our offer.

What are the advantages of high-end contact grills?

A wide variety of foods can be prepared in a contact grill. They are ideal for evenly and quickly toasting a variety of meats, vegetables or breads. With this device you can also prepare unique hot dogs, burritos, paninis or quesadillas that will delight all your guests with a perfectly baked dish. Contact grills have two heating plates, one located at the bottom of the device and the other at the top, so that the dish does not need to be rotated during preparation to achieve uniform baking on both sides.

We know how important the quality of kitchen equipment is to the durability of the equipment and the taste of the prepared food, so in our offer you can find only the highest quality contact grills from manufacturers respected in the catering industry, such as Bartscher, Fiamma, GMG, Hendi, Merx Team, Red Fox, Resto Quality, Roller Grill, Stalgast or YATO Gastro. Their purchase is a guarantee of safe food preparation, resulting from the handle placed at an appropriate distance from the cooktop, which prevents accidental burns during operation. The materials used to manufacture these contact grills are resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean, which will be appreciated by all kitchen workers.

Contact grills tailored to your needs

In response to the requirements of restaurant owners, we have created an offer that includes both smooth and fluted heating surfaces. We also offer those with a fluted top and smooth bottom. Contact grills can be narrow or wide, depending on the needs and application of a particular model. We offer double, single, combined or split grills of various sizes. In addition, the SmartGAST store offers specialized solutions designed for paninis, equipped with a grease trough and other amenities.

Contact grills are a compact version of the grill that is placed countertop. This device is extremely convenient to use and takes up little space, so it will be successful in small kitchens. Chefs appreciate it for its coatings that prevent food from sticking and the ability to prepare flavorful food without lighting coals. The lack of need for fat makes the food cooked this way not only flavorful, but also less caloric.

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