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Kebab knives

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Kebab is a dish that is very popular not only in the East, but also in Europe. To prepare it, you need ingredients such as meat, vegetables, sauce, bun or pita, as well as a toaster orz a kebab knife. We offer a wide range of various kebab knives, which are ideal for cutting roasted meat. Check which will work best in your kitchen.

How to prepare a proper kebab?

One of the biggest secrets to the best kebab dish is the proper preparation of the meat, which consists of its selection, seasoning and browning. Special kebab knives may be necessary to be able to portion meat prepared in this way. The traditional ones are extremely long and often bulky, and resemble a saber in appearance. For this reason, it is increasingly common to find these more modern solutions, i.e. electric knives, which are easier to hold in the hand, are also more efficient and allow faster work.

Kebab knives available in our offer

For our customers, we have prepared an offer that includes high-quality kebab knives from Hendi and Stalgast, which are highly regarded in the catering industry. They are distinguished by their high quality workmanship, durability, resistance and precision. This will make the work in the kitchen more pleasant and efficient, which also affects the satisfaction of customers. The solutions we offer are handy knives equipped with special safety features that protect the hand of the person who uses them. They were created to allow continuous operation, which affects faster customer service, thus selling more portions at the same time.

We offer kebab knives with adjustable meat thickness, which will allow you to adjust it to a specific dish. These professional devices are used to cut any type of roasted meat, including kebab, but also gyros or shoarma. Made of durable aluminum, the handle is finished with a special blade, which, combined with the high speed of the knife, allows you to precisely peel off the pieces. We offer solutions with different powers and functions, so everyone can find the one best suited to their needs.

Catering equipment tailored to your needs

In SmartGAST you can find not only kebab knives, but also a wide range of other equipment necessary for the proper operation of catering establishments. We offer kitchen accessories such as containers, knives, scales or other utensils, but also equipment for thermal processing, mechanical processing and much, much more.

We know how important in the work of a chef, bartender, baker, barista or pastry chef is the quality of catering equipment, so we offer only proven solutions from industry-recognized manufacturers. With us, you will gain the assurance of efficient, functional, fast and safe operation, which will positively influence the opinion of your guests and improve the quality of work of the entire kitchen crew or room service. Find out which appliances will best fit your needs and buy them from the SmartGAST online catering store.

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