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Cast iron cookware for the catering industry

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When completing the equipment for both home and restaurant kitchens, it is worth getting practical and reliable accessories that will facilitate the daily preparation of meals. Our online store SmartGAST offers a sensational selection of robust and attractively priced products that will be perfect for any kitchen. Cast iron cookware is an indispensable utensil, because with it you can serve your loved ones a delicious, flavorful and juicy dinner or an exquisite dinner for guests. Cast iron is a strong and durable material that can withstand high temperatures. In our assortment you will find many practical models in a wide variety of sizes and colors, such as square pans, platters, pots and serving dishes. So you can choose the perfect model for you, matching its color with the rest of your accessories and catering pots. Bet on excellent quality, functionality and durability!

Cast iron is an alloy of two elements: iron and carbon. Due to the specific characteristics obtained when the two substances are combined together, it has been used for a very long time to make cookware. Heavy cast iron pot will help you prepare both traditional and modern dishes that smell throughout your home or restaurant. Importantly, it will work well on gas, electric and induction stoves. It is worth remembering that cast iron cookware do not use in the microwave oven. Polish cast iron pots are very durable, durable, and resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to the thick bottom and walls, heat is distributed evenly inside them. Once pulled from the heat, your dish is sure to stay hot for a long time. Store SmartGAST offers cast iron cookware reputable brands - it is the ideal equipment for any professional kitchen at a very good price. What's more, we will take care of express and safe shipping of selected kitchen items.

Daily care of cast iron casserole dishes

Cast iron skillet and Cast iron pots are a graceful kitchen utensil, but should be treated with a little love. After eating an exquisite dish by household members or guests of a catering establishment, it is necessary to cool down the cast iron casserole dish and wash them with warm water. You can also use detergents or, like our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, use organic baking soda. We discourage the use for cleaning polish cast iron pots salt, at most you can reach for it occasionally. As is the case with most kitchen accessories, not only cast iron cookware, we recommend avoiding sharp washers or scratchers. The last thing your cast iron pot, there is a dishwasher. Cast iron baking dish should be stored in a dry place, you must remember to wipe them thoroughly beforehand. In addition, cast iron cookware will serve to massage a little edible oil. By following all these mentioned rules, your chosen cast iron pots from our offer will certainly accompany you for many years.

What you should know about cast iron cookware?

In addition to proper care, you need to keep in mind that depending on what type of stove you are preparing the dish on, cast iron cookware heat up faster or slower. On an induction stove, cast iron heats up in a dozen seconds, while on a gas stove it takes from 5 to 8 minutes. Cast iron skillet and Cast iron pots they quickly conduct and accumulate heat, so you need to remember that for heated cast iron cookware do not pour cold water, which can cause thermal shock. If you heat up too quickly cast iron casserole dishes, uneven expansions may develop in the metal, and this will make the cast iron lose its properties. In our SmartGAST store you can match the right size to the possibilities of your kitchen cast iron casserole dishes. Choosing the optimal size of the diameter of the pot bottom to the diameter of the burner will help you avoid uncomfortable situations in the kitchen.

Cast iron pot and iron in your dishes - myth or truth?

Prepared food in cast iron pots you can stew, bake and cook, making them tasty and, most importantly, healthy. When using cast iron bakeware they do not emit any harmful substances. On the contrary cast iron cookware enrich dishes with iron, which penetrates into the dishes during cooking. Polish cast iron pots are indicated for people who have problems with anemia. It is also worth remembering that cast iron cookware are used for cooking food, not storing it. Rust film may appear on them from moisture and acidic reaction. By cast iron pots for baking they give up some iron to the dishes prepared in them, after keeping food in them for a long time you can sense a metallic taste in them.

Cast iron pot - good price only at SmartGAST

Polish cast iron pot will certainly take up a little more space in the kitchen than similar items made of other materials, but what is this compared to the quality of the dishes cooked in them? These are heavyweight equipment, but the parameters and price of cast iron pots are worth it. Cast iron baking dish after prolonged use, it can pay for itself, as with proper use and impregnation it acquires non-stick properties. You think to yourself: price cast iron pots will certainly surprise me! And so it is - at the SmartGAST store we offer attractive prices compared to the quality (and their longevity when treated properly). Browse our entire range of cast iron cookware and see for yourself. It's also worth checking out other products like the cast iron skillet.

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