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Blast freezers

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Our store offers a wide range of professional equipment designed for catering, which you can find in the section refrigeration. Some of the most popular include blast freezers. They are an essential piece of equipment for establishments specializing in the preparation of various types of dishes. These devices both perform brilliantly for prolonged storage of products and reduce microbial growth, prolonging the freshness of foodstuffs. We invite you to explore the entire category and choose the perfect model to suit your individual needs and expectations.

Safety is key - a safe freezer

Offered in this category blast chillers are high-tech devices with which you can reduce the temperature of food in a blink of an eye. This significantly saves time and improves kitchen work. Rapid cooling of food is of great importance in catering, as it guarantees the safety of food consumption. Room temperature is conducive to the growth and multiplication of various types of bacteria, which is why it is so important to be able to respond quickly when needed.

How they work blast chillers?

In a classic freezer, all the water molecules contained in the food by the lack of contact with high temperature turn into crystals in a few hours, the ability to freeze is a feature of any freezer. However, this action makes the crystals quite large in size, which is definitely not good for food, as they can do a lot of damage, for example, during the thawing process, when these particles are torn apart. It may affect the texture, color or quality of food products. In addition, melted liquid leaking from frozen food can also cause loss of flavor, nutrients or weight.In devices such as blast chillers the whole process is completely different, as its operation is designed to remove all the disadvantages of classic freezers. Flash freezing makes the crystals much smaller in size, which is very good for food, which does not lose its flavor and firmness.

Blast chillers - biggest advantages

There are many advantages to using this type of equipment, which are worth exploring even before you buy it. First of all, their presence in the kitchen significantly saves valuable time, money and increases productivity. Additionally blast freezers reduce losses due to unused products and extend their shelf life. This type of equipment also allows you to prepare more dishes in less time and is sensational for unexpected customer orders.

Nor do the foodstuffs themselves lose quality. In addition, it is worth mentioning their lower weight loss and safety, since the rapid reduction of the temperature of the finished product with this equipment allows to bypass critical temperature values, which are a nutritious environment for bacteria. All proposals available in our offer, also in the category of freezing equipment, are fully new, covered by the warranty period and are characterized by reliability and careful workmanship with attention to the smallest details, making them an excellent investment for many years. Drawer freezer especially for you, pay attention to what energy class is shown on the appliance and choose the right one.

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