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Food heating lamps

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The smooth operation of a restaurant's dispenser depends on many factors, but the goal is always the same - to provide the customer with a delicious and warm dish. The heating lamps we offer are extremely useful in maintaining the correct temperature of meals while they are being finished or waiting to be taken out by the waiter. We offer a wide range of customized solutions for each kitchen, which will help take care of the quality of the proposed dishes. We guarantee their highest quality and functionality, as evidenced by the reviews of our satisfied customers.

What you need heating lamps for in a restaurant?

The process of preparing a dish begins with selecting the right products, preparing the ingredients, cooking, baking or frying them, putting the portion on the plate, and ending with serving it to the guest. In order for the restaurant to run smoothly, each of these stages must be carried out reliably and professionally. Arranging the different elements of a dish on a plate can sometimes take a long time, especially when it consists of many ingredients prepared by different methods. Once the plate is waiting to be picked up by the room service, it is worthwhile that it is provided with the right conditions to ensure that the ordered food arrives at the table at the right temperature.

For this purpose, food heating lamps have just been created. Mounted above the dispenser, they ensure that none of the ingredients will cool before they reach the customer. In addition, these lamps are also ideal for buffet tables and wherever dishes are prepared in advance and waiting to be applied. These devices emit heat, so that the correct temperature of the dish is maintained, while at the same time it does not cause the food to dry out. The meal removed from under the heating lamp retains the correct consistency, an additional advantage is that the light does not affect the taste or appearance of the food.

Functional heating lamps to suit the needs of the premises

We offer a wide range of food heating lamps for various applications. They can be used in the immediate vicinity of platters of hot food or hung directly above the table. The lamps offered in the SmartGAST store are not only functional, but also a decorative element for bars, catering establishments or restaurants. They have an exceptional and unique design that will delight your guests. Choose for yourself whether you prefer a heat lamp in black, gray, copper or white. Opt for classic cylindrical shapes or those with a more unusual finish.

We offer solutions from manufacturers highly regarded in the catering industry, such as Stalgast, HENDI and Red Fox. Among them you can find single and double, standing and hanging models. Some of them allow you to adjust the height by attaching them to movable skewers for even better temperature control of your dish. Choose the power of the device, its design and functionality and never again worry that the dishes served in your establishment will not be at the right temperature.

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