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Catering containers for food storage

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Food containers are essential products in every kitchen. It is worth getting such models that are made of safe, certified materials of the highest quality, because they significantly affect the durability of the food stored in them. In our online store SmartGAST we present capacious and sturdy food containers, ideal for both catering establishments and home use. Depending on what products you intend to store in such containers, you can adjust their size and capacity to suit your needs. We offer practical and stable food containers on wheels, as well as models of traditional form, equipped with leak-proof lids. With such accessories, daily use of the kitchen will become comfortable and safe, and long storage of food products will not be a problem at all. The containers make it quick and easy to measure the right amount of product, and they also look very modern.

Plastic containers for food is an indispensable item for every kitchen, which will allow you to store prepared dishes safely and for a long time. In the SmartGAST store you will find containers for loose food i dry of the highest quality, made of certified materials, which affects the freshness of the food stored in them. In our offer you will find large food containers on wheels designed for loose products or smaller food boxes with a tight lid. They will make storing food much easier, and their daily use in the kitchen will provide you with comfort. Some gastronomic food containers have a useful measuring tape on their walls.

Order in your kitchen is order in your mind. Which food containers to choose?

You're in a hurry to get to work or plan to quickly reheat dinner and don't know where the cutlet potatoes you fried yesterday are? With transparent plastic food containers, which you will find in our offer, you will see what is in the fridge in a blink of an eye, and save on time and nerves. Plastic food containers will help you organize not only the space in the refrigerator, but also in the pantry or on the kitchen shelves. They will make sure that you never run out of space in your home or catering establishment for flour, groats or rice that like to spill out of packages. Dry food containers will help bring the chaos under control. Proper storage of food in food containers will ensure that it does not spoil quickly. Another problem that may arise are moths. Keeping food in tightly sealed plastic food boxes will help prevent the growth of these pests. Containers will not only protect supplies, but also prolong the freshness of prepared dishes and take care of order.

Materials used in the production of plastic food containers

  • Polypropylene is a plastic with a very wide range of applications. It is flexible and durable and allows you to insert food containers even into the freezer. Gastronomic food containers made of this material allow you to store food at temperatures from -15? up to +80?. They have smooth walls for easy cleaning. Also food containers do not absorb odor or taste, and are resistant to acids, fats, oils or milks.
  • Polycarbonate is also a plastic material characterized by the fact that it does not change the taste or smell of food. Plastic boxes for food withstand temperatures as high as 110?, however, they cannot be used in bemars. Their big advantage is their scratch resistance. These food storage containers do not break or crack.

Accessories to make life easier - large food containers, egg containers, bulk food containers

Every kitchen needs to organize vegetables or fruits. The platters turn out to be too small, and everything goes bad in the commercials. Thanks to food containers for catering such problems will cease to exist. You can both control the amount of supplies and clean efficiently food containers. In a restaurant kitchen, you have nowhere to put your eggs? Ideal for this will be a tray on which you can hold as many as 30 hen eggs. This type of plastic food container comes with 8 trays - 4 for use and 4 for replacement, which allows for continuous rotation of goods without stressing about running out of space. Another useful cookware is large bulk food container with a dustpan in two variants: 81 and 140 l. It is made of polypropylene and its cover is made of polycarbonate. In the 81-liter dry food container about 77 kg of sugar can be accommodated.

The versatility of food containers for the catering industry

  • Plastic containers for food are characterized by low weight, which makes them easy to transport.
  • Special embossing in plastic containers for food allows them to be stacked, which saves a lot of space even in the smallest refrigerator or cabinet.
  • Larger food boxes find use in catering establishments. For a relatively small price you can buy good quality food containers for catering with a capacity of up to 140 liters.
  • Plastic containers for food made of polycarbonate do not deform or bend, so they look very good for a long time.
  • Plastic food containers made of polypropylene are easy to clean products. Do not absorb taste or odor. They will definitely be useful in equipping your kitchen.

To choose the perfect food storage containers, just browse the wide range of SmartGAST. We are confident that you will find a product that fits your needs and expectations. If you have any questions, please contact us!

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