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Convection ovens

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Welcome to the section where you will find convection ovens from reputable manufacturers of catering equipment. We offer, among others, Resto Quality, Bartscher or Stalgast brand equipment. Convection ovens are professional kitchen equipment that allows not only the preparation of baked foods, but also the use of other processing methods. The phenomenon of convection is to set the heated air in motion, so the food bakes quickly and evenly. Efficient food preparation using convection ovens makes it possible to serve more customers in a short period of time, which is certainly one of the priorities in catering.

How a convection oven works?

Convection ovens use special fans that put the air in motion. Heated air blows horizontally around the products in the chamber. Different types of aromas coming out of the food are drained through special filters, which allows you to prepare several products at the same time without worrying about their smells mixing.

Convection ovens make it possible to bake food in a short time, which, as you know, is a very important factor for perfect service in a catering establishment. Even baking does not require constant monitoring, so the staff operating the oven can attend to other important duties in the kitchen. Easy and intuitive to use, convection ovens are suitable equipment for users who often deal with many activities in the kitchen at once.

Modern convection ovens from top manufacturers

The convection ovens you'll find in the SmartGAST store are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to the elements and easy to keep clean. One of the manufacturers of ovens of this type is the German company Bartscher, which has been operating in the catering equipment market for more than 100 years. It supplies its products to many countries, and their high quality and durability make them suitable for use in small, medium and large-scale catering. The Polish brand Stalgast, on the other hand, is a family-owned company that has existed for more than 30 years and offers an extremely wide range of catering equipment and accessories.

In our store you will find convection ovens in various sizes. These can range from small single-chamber units to larger ones with three chambers. We have electronically controlled ovens with good interior lighting that makes it easy to control what's going on inside. The doors of the stoves are made of durable, professional athermal glass to guarantee safe use and reduce the risk of burns. Slides out for easy cleaning of the oven.

The devices are equipped with special systems that protect them from overheating. They also have rapid cooling systems and a pre-heat function. In the SmartGAST store you can also choose manually controlled ovens and ovens that open in different ways. Connecting the ovens to 230-volt outlets makes them easy to use in almost any kitchen. The small, compact size of the ovens also allows them to be used in small rooms and catering facilities.

We offer, among others, convection ovens of Resto Quality company supplying restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias, confectioneries and ice cream parlors or fast food establishments with professional catering equipment. Good quality combined with affordable prices make Resto Quality brand equipment very popular among customers.

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