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Baking dishes

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Casserole dishes are accessories that will help you prepare delicious and flavorful dishes. In the offer of our online store SmartGAST you will find a wide selection of robust and heat-resistant products in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Whether you are completing equipment for your home kitchen or want to enrich your catering establishment with new catering supplies, you are sure to find the perfect casserole dishes for you in our assortment. If you are looking for an indispensable and practical product for your private kitchen, choose small dish models suitable for preparing baked oatmeal, tasty cakes or pasta casseroles. However, if you need a capacious, large dish that can hold several portions of a meal, opt for larger variants with a functional lid. In our online store we offer many types of casserole dishes of modern or classic design - it's up to you which models you bet on!

High quality casserole dish with lid is half the success of a perfect oven dish. With SmartGAST's diverse range of products, you can easily find handy casserole pots helpful in the preparation of tasty and aromatic dishes. In our online store we offer attractive prices for, among other things ceramic casserole dishes with lids whether stoneware bakeware. Whether you are preparing dinner for a family of four or for guests at a prestigious restaurant, the presented casserole bowls and glass casserole dish with lid guarantee the best quality of dishes and satisfaction of even the most picky gourmets.

Casserole pots from reputable brands - wide selection at SmartGAST

The presented kitchen items are made of many different materials. We offer stoneware baking dishes, glass casserole dishes with lids, ceramic casserole dishes. With such a wide range, you are sure to choose the model that best matches your other kitchen appliances. With us you will find not only different shapes, colors, but also capacities. When preparing dishes for a large group of people, you can choose stoneware baking dishes in a larger variant, while if you need a casserole dish or cakes for your closest family members, you can choose a smaller, but equally practical cookware.

Ceramic casserole dish with lid - functionality and durability

Ceramic layer covering casserole dishes is a mixture of minerals and clay fired at 1200?. By using this technology ceramic casserole dish is more scratch-resistant and much more durable than, for example, Teflon-coated pots. However, it is important to remember not to use metal spoons or spatulas in cooking, which can disturb this specific surface. It is also worth noting that ceramic casserole dishes do not corrode and are resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, they do not react with food, so the taste and smell of food will remain unchanged, and the dish itself, after several uses, will not be a collection of odors from previous dishes.

Another advantage of ceramic casserole dishes is that they can not only cook, but also store dishes in them in the refrigerator. Using ceramic casserole dishes, you can reduce the amount of fat you use, because the non-stick surface prevents food from sticking. It also makes it easier to clean. If you purchase a ceramic lid, the container will provide safe storage for any type of food. Ceramic casserole dishes evenly distribute the temperature, so you will be sure that the prepared dish will not be burnt on one side and even raw on the other. What's more, the described products keep you warm for a long time. Also ceramic casserole bowl has many advantages: high durability, versatility of use, fat-free cooking, economical cooking in the spirit of zero waste and original design.

Various sizes and capacities of casserole dishes

Offered casserole bowls, casserole dishes with lids and other kitchen items come in a variety of sizes. This way you are sure to find a product with dimensions that will work in your kitchen. If you cook only for yourself on a daily basis, you should choose a casserole pot with a small capacity. For those who are sourcing casserole dish, we have prepared many types and dimensions. Models can have a capacity of 250, 200 or 150 ml. They come in a variety of colors - gray, blue, brown, écru, red and white. In our online store you will also find rectangular glass casserole dishes with a lid with dimensions: 22x14, 29x19, 28x17 or 38x22 cm. You are sure to choose a model that will suit your needs and match the rest of your tableware.

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