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Catering dishwashers

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Dishwashers for catering are devices that will not only enable hygienic washing of dishes, but also allow catering staff to take care of the most important duties, namely food preparation. It is not worth wasting time on something that an automated process will do efficiently and effectively. Their additional advantage is economic and economical consumption of electricity and water. These are machines that were made to help you, so make the most of their capabilities. We invite you to explore the section where you can find catering dishwashers in different versions.

Dishwashers and under-counter, tunnel and hood dishwashers

Professional dishwashing equipment shows high efficiency. You can choose them in different sizes and fit your company's needs. The dishwashers offered at SmartGAST have special dispensers for washing and rinse liquids, which make the glassware look perfect. We offer devices dedicated to dishes, trays, kitchen accessories, cutlery. You'll find special baskets and garbage cans where you can safely place items that need washing.

We offer hooded dishwashers i undercounter in various sizes. We also offer tunnel dishwashers, to which additional modules can be connected. Advanced self-diagnostics in the devices will facilitate their daily operation. With us you will also find innovative models of eco dishwashers, powered by gas.

Modern catering dishwashers for a variety of kitchen utensils and accessories

We offer professional catering dishwashers for pots and pans, large bakery baskets and trays requiring special treatment and appropriate chamber dimensions. With us you will also find bar dishwashers that specialize in washing glasses, cups and glassware. A variety of dishwashers for plates, cups, cutlery and kitchen utensils are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Many dishwasher models available in our store are equipped with self-cleaning function. They can also automatically remove used, dirty water from the tank before rinsing begins. User-friendly digital panels make it easier to operate equipment on a daily basis.

What to look for when buying a professional catering dishwasher?

If you know that your property has so-called hard water, it is worth investing in a softening device or buying a dishwasher with a softener. This will not only save the amount of detergent used, but also prolong the life of dishwasher components. If you have the option of connecting the appliance to 400 V mains, choose a dishwasher with this option. This will make it ready to go faster and consequently streamline the entire cleaning process.

Depending on the water pressure in the system (the minimum is 2 bars), you will also need to fit a dishwasher with a built-in pump. When shopping, check if the dishwasher has a drain pump and detergent dispenser. The most important task in the purchase is to match the professional catering dishwasher to the scope of your business. For a small establishment with a variety of dishes to wash, universal devices will work well. In large hotel and catering establishments, hooded dishwashers will be better, and in bars or cafes, dishwashers designed primarily for glassware will work well.

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