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RATIONAL combi steamers

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We offer combi steamers. These innovative appliances are designed to prepare meals in multiple modes adapted to the processing of food items such as poultry, meat, fish, vegetables or eggs. In our store you will find, among other things, convection ovens from Rational that allow not only classic baking, but also frying, cooking and grilling. We have electric or gas stoves available. So you can tailor the device to your needs and at the same time choose the right power source for you. Rational is a company that has been operating since 1973 and supplies its catering equipment in the US, Germany or the UK. It is not only a manufacturer, but also the owner of hundreds of innovative patents that work in kitchens around the world.

Advantages of combi steamers

The combi steamers offered in our store provide very good performance and high quality of cooked food. At the same time, they guarantee significant savings in the energy used for cooking. Presented combi ovens use automatic systems that allow intelligent management of the climate inside the oven and organization of the process of preparing dishes. One of them is an intelligent climate management system that ensures proper air circulation and the best energy supply for food. Increases efficiency and improves food quality and uniformity with minimal energy consumption.

In turn, the ability to choose the right cooking path for the dish from among several cooking modes and processes is a guarantee of perfect taste and aroma of dishes. The operator determines what effect he wants, but it is the device that suggests the setting of browning and cooking degree. Intelligent sensors detect the size, quantity and condition of the food and depending on the cooking progress, the oven adjusts the cooking parameters. Automatic process control ensures that the desired result is achieved in the best possible quality and in the shortest possible time.

Combi ovens also have the advantage of limiting the release of intense odors during food preparation. This is extremely important, especially in small premises with limited space and ventilation that does not always work effectively.

Gas and electric combi ovens

Depending on your preference, you can choose electric or gas-powered combi ovens. The operating principle of this type of equipment allows significant savings, and the steam oven chamber provides dishes with a juicy texture and excellent taste. During cooking, steam prevents food from drying out, so you don't have to use a lot of fat when preparing meals. Many of the products can also be prepared in a fat-free version, which can enrich your company's offerings with dietary dishes. An evenly cooked dish does not require constant control by the oven attendant. This saves staff time and gives them the opportunity to attend to other important duties in the kitchen or on the floor.

With the combi ovens you will prepare steamed, roasted, grilled, blanched, and smoked dishes. You can also use the low-temperature processing method. Illuminated oven chambers allow you to see your progress while the unit is running. In our offer you will find large-capacity ovens that allow you to prepare multiple dishes at the same time. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the entire range of ovens available in our SmartGAST online store.

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