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Pourers are bartending accessories that every professional and enthusiast should have. Preparing refreshing cocktails and drinks requires measuring the right amounts of each liquid, so it is worth getting professional gadgets. In the offer of our online store SmartGAST you will find a wide selection of pourers made of both plastic and stainless steel, making them extremely solid and durable products. The pourers are perfect for preparing alcoholic drinks, as they will allow you to accurately measure the amount of alcoholic beverage you need. With such equipment, you can easily serve your favorite drinks to your guests. Bartender's pourers are also an essential accessory that will come in handy in any bar or restaurant where cocktails and refreshing alcoholic beverages are served. Browse our range and choose the perfect pourer for you!

Bartender's pourer is one of several basic accessories that must be in any place where alcohol is served. It allows for precise dosage of alcohol portions and protects the liquid from spilling out of the bottle. That's why bottle fillers are a popular accessory sought after by people who serve drinks in bars or at parties. Liquor pourers available in the SmartGAST store is a wide selection of various instruments that facilitate the dispensing of drinks. You will find both plastic and metal pourers, as well as more advanced solutions, i.e bottle nozzles with portion meter and flow control. Thanks to them, the preparation of even the most fancy drinks and cocktails will not be a problem at all. Whether you serve whiskey, vodka, gin, or any other type of alcohol most of the time, you will definitely need a bar pourer.

Liquor pourers for vodka and other spirits - perfect dispensing of alcohol portions

Liquor pourer is a small instrument, but there is enormous potential in it. Even if the bartender does not choose to invest in advanced solutions, it is essential to have a suitable pourer for each open bottle of alcohol. It allows you to precisely measure the amount of drink you need, and everyone knows that the taste of a cocktail is determined not only by the quality of the liquor, but also by maintaining the right proportions. Therefore, if you serve drinks to guests or are an amateur at running a home bar, be sure to invest in a pourers. Store SmartGAST is the place where you will stock up on numerous bartending accessories.

If you are just beginning your adventure with mixing drinks, bet on basic plastic pourers. You can buy them individually or in sets that will allow you to use them on several open bottles. If you are already in business, you will certainly be interested in metal liquor pourer with metal tube. Such a set looks professional, so if you care about your image in the eyes of customers, be sure to bet on a metal model. Precision vodka pourer and other spirits will speed up your work and give you the ability to make many cocktails in a short time. Some spirits require special treatment and retain their flavor when they come into contact with natural materials, so you can buy a special pourer for them on a natural cork.

Liquor pourers in the offer of SmartGAST store

Bartender pourers are also known as portion meters. Indeed, this is their main role. They allow you to dispense alcohol and thus both maintain the ratio and save money. Attached to an open bottle and properly adjusted for size liquor pourer makes sure nothing spills or drips. This is especially important for liqueurs and other sweet liquors, which, when they run off, can unsightly coat the bottle. Therefore, it is a practical accessory worth investing in. We assure you that your guests will appreciate not only the contents of your bar, but also the very way of serving drinks.

Sealed alcohols retain their properties longer. Turning them with the original cap is not always convenient. After time, the corks do not give sufficient tightness to the bottle, and the slowly escaping aroma causes the beverage to lose its original value. Tightly sealing it with a bottle pourer therefore protects the content of. This makes whisky, vodka, gin or any other alcohol last longer for consumption. Such an inconspicuous item as a bottle pourer optimizes the cost of purchasing goods necessary for the bar.

How to install a bartender pourer on a bottle?

Properly installed pourer bartering should have the dispenser facing the label. Professional bartenders know that when you tilt the bottle, you can pour about 40 ml of liquid in 3 seconds. Bartender's pourer is even indispensable at larger events, where alcohol is often poured into several glasses standing side by side. However, the item is also very useful in an intimate setting. Allows you to create drinks that are identical to those served in bars.

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