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Combi-steam ovens

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Combi ovens are an improved version of the popular convection ovens. In addition to fast baking, they offer the ability to steam the oven chamber. As a result, they bring out the unique flavor and aroma of dishes, in addition to giving them appetizing and distinctive colors. Combi ovens can be used for frying, steaming, blanching or grilling. Thanks to them, you will obtain dishes characterized by an optimal level of moisture and low weight loss during heat processing.

In the SmartGAST store's offer you will find combi ovens from brands such as Bartscher, RM Gastro, UNOX or Rational. High-quality devices are made of stainless steel resistant to moisture and varying temperatures.

Multifunctional combi ovens in the modern kitchen

Convection and steam ovens guarantee the exceptional taste of prepared food, as well as a significant reduction in the time of thermal processing of products. Shorter baking, in turn, translates into measurable savings in energy consumption. The stoves offered in our store are gas or electric powered. Multi-purpose ovens allow food to be prepared thanks to the circulation of dry air produced by special fans and the chamber's vaporization. The fans operating in them force the movement of air, which then goes to the purification filters. This circulation ensures that food is cooked evenly and that odors do not permeate between the different products in the oven chamber. During baking, steam also enters the chamber, which prevents the food from drying out and further speeds up its thermal processing.

The unquestionable advantages of combi steamers are their efficiency, multifunctionality and economical energy consumption. Quick and simultaneous preparation of various dishes is the basis of a well-functioning kitchen in a catering establishment. Easy cleaning of the stoves is also an added advantage. Automatic systems ensure hygienic cleaning of the chamber, and the absence of emitted odors reduces the problem of getting rid of intense aromas from inside the oven.

Combi ovens from well-known manufacturers

In our store you will buy combi ovens in different sizes. So you will match them to the space possibilities in your premises. We have both small, compact ovens for mini catering and equipment for large restaurants, banquet halls and cafeterias.

Among other things, we offer UNOX brand equipment that has been on the market since 1990. The company began by producing croissant and bread ovens, and now offers a wide range of equipment for pastry shops, bakeries and restaurants, as well as many different types of accessories necessary for baking.

In our offer you will also find combi ovens of the brand Rational existing since 1973 and supplying equipment for catering in the United States, Germany or Great Britain. In addition to producing high-quality equipment, Rational owns hundreds of innovative patents that it also applies to its ovens.

All products available in our online store are new and covered by manufacturers' warranty. We send the purchased goods to customers through courier companies that have been cooperating with us for years. We invite you also to get acquainted with the offer of refrigeration equipment, waiter's accessories, items for buffet, catering or with a wide range of tableware.

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