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Growth chambers / proofers

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Presenting dough growth chambers/garnerers, indispensable in any professional bakery and pastry shop. Our offer includes modern equipment from brands such as Stalgast, RM Gastro or Resto Quality. We recommend reliable, high-quality equipment with manufacturers' warranties. We have equipment in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of your business. We also offer appliances that can be stacked with baking ovens, which will be perfect for kitchens with a small working area. Automatic controllers of humidity, temperature or time settings allow you to create ideal conditions for preparing baked goods.

How the growth chamber works?

Growth chambers, also known as bakery proofers, are used to proof raw dough. With them you will make a variety of confectionery or bakery products, such as rolls, yeast doughs or breads. These devices can either work together with the stove or function independently. Maintain the right humidity inside the chamber and the right temperature conducive to the rising of raw dough.

Depending on the model of growth chamber chosen, the distribution of heated, moist air is done in different ways. Growth chambers also have different numbers of shelves. In our store you can buy proofers with 16 shelves, for 9 plates. You can also buy mobile chambers equipped with wheels, which will make it easier to move the device and carry the prepared dough to the oven.

Modular growth chambers

The growth chambers in our store are compatible with individual brand furnaces also available on our website. The ability to regulate the temperature of the proofers allows you to obtain and maintain the optimal conditions needed for the proper growth of individual baked goods.

In our offer you will also find growth chambers in modular version. This allows you to put together and connect more devices to each other. Stainless steel housings ensure equipment durability and easy cleaning. The glazed door to the chambers, on the other hand, allows you to monitor the appearance and the process of dough growth in real time, without opening the machine. The 230-volt power supply allows the chambers to be plugged into the standard installation that is found in every kitchen. You can choose both vertical and horizontal devices, depending on the type and number of cakes that will be prepared in the chambers, and depending on what space you have in your premises.

Successful baked goods thanks to growth chambers

Some types of dough need to rise before baking. To provide them with the right conditions, you need the right temperature and humidity to create a favorable environment, for example, for the development and growth of yeast. Thus, in large kitchens of catering establishments or bakeries and pastry shops, special growth chambers are used. Thanks to them, a well risen dough becomes light and fluffy after baking.

Robust design of the chambers and tightness of the door provide ideal conditions for the rising dough. The user can control the whole process of increasing the volume of raw dough thanks to the glass door. In this way, you can also prepare various types of bread or yeast baked goods in retail establishments where freshly baked rolls, doughnuts or bread are served. Enjoy shopping at SmartGAST, where you'll also find oven accessories, including a variety of baking sheets and cake pans.

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