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Voucher strips

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You are planning to open a restaurant, or maybe you are looking for practical and functional accessories for your establishment that will facilitate the work of cooks and waiters? Opt for highly imaginative kitchen utensils, such as boning strips and skewers. They are used to segregate orders and greatly improve the preparation and dispensing of food. If you opt for this type of product, the problem of perpetually lost order slips from your guests will completely disappear. In our SmartGAST online store you will find practical stainless steel voucher strips in several lengths. So you can individually choose the right length of strip for you, which you will attach quickly and easily in the restaurant kitchen. Excellent quality, functionality and elegant finish make the moldings look classic and harmonize with almost any interior style, while taking up minimal space on the wall. Bet on good work organization and choose strips or boning skewers for your catering establishment!

You have been running your restaurant for several years now? Or maybe you are just planning to open a catering establishment and are wondering what equipment you should go for? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's a fantastic deal! At SmartGAST, we offer a whole bunch of the necessary utensils, which are sure to improve and at the same time make the daily work in your restaurant more enjoyable. In this category we have prepared the extremely popular voucher strips, which are used primarily by cooks and waiters. A well-made voucher strip will keep your customer order slips in order. After all, no one would want to create a situation in which any guest does not receive his dish due to a problem with a missing card. Ensure that the organization at your establishment is truly top-notch. Perfectly crafted, functional, and elegant at the same time - these are the qualities that can be used to describe any custom skirting we offer. In gastronomy they will certainly prove to be very helpful!

Order strip - is it worth betting on it?

We have already pointed out that with the help of boning strips in your premises will finally be able to reign order. After all, they will greatly facilitate the segregation of orders and even receipts that will later be issued to guests. With them, you will be 100% sure that nothing has gone anywhere. These types of kitchen utensils are among the most widely used in restaurants - even when the premises are relatively small. Given the square footage and needs of your food service outlet, you can opt for either a smaller voucher strip or a much larger variant. Also note the elegantly crafted picks available from us, another form of custom-made slats that is extremely comfortable to use. The skewers are made of damage-resistant and nice-looking stainless steel, which in addition is not too problematic for daily cleaning.

What to look for when choosing a slat for ordering?

If you are thinking about choosing the right boning strip, you should first of all pay attention to the material from which it will be made, as well as the design itself. In the SmartGAST store, we offer both extremely popular copies finished with characteristic serrations, as well as classic, uniform models. They can be made of aluminum, which is appreciated primarily for its favorable functional properties. What else you need to know when buying a custom strip? Remember to also choose its appropriate length. For small premises, it is sufficient to opt for a relatively short copy. You run a huge restaurant with up to a dozen waiters working there? In that case, buying one slat to order will definitely not be enough. In such a situation, you can bet, for example, on several versions of the same thing.

Why is it so important to slather on orders? Catering is all about meeting the expectations of a variety of customers. The guest of a given establishment wants the order not only to be fulfilled as well as possible, but also as quickly as possible. With the help of such strips you can effectively take care of organization, which is a very important issue.

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