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Catering saucepans

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The saucepans we present in our SmartGAST online store are extremely robust and functional products that are essential in any kitchen. Mainly made of stainless steel, resistant to low and high temperatures, they are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors. If you're a fan of minimalism and are looking for a small saucepan to make oatmeal, heat milk or soup for your little one, small saucepans with a small capacity and a practical, non-heating handle will work great. However, if you need a saucepan in which to prepare several portions of a particular dish, choose larger models, indispensable in a restaurant kitchen. The striking and modern design of the cookware we offer makes the saucepans look extremely elegant and stylish. A beautiful shade of copper, matte or shiny silver or a slightly more extravagant pastel blue - the wide range of colors ensures you can perfectly match the model to your other kitchen utensils and accessories.

To prepare a dish of the highest quality, you will need a professional product that features durability and functionality. In the offer of SmartGAST store you will find such kitchen accessories as cast iron saucepans,copper saucepans whether stainless steel saucepans from reputable brands. Judge for yourself which model best suits your cooking skills and preferences, and best matches your kitchen decor. Saucepans for restaurants are available in many models: they are wide and narrow, high and low, and come in many colors. The modern design makes the saucepans look very stylish and elegant. Phenomenal copper shade, matte or shiny stainless steel, a touch of pastel pink - a wide range of colors and finishes guarantees a perfect match cookware to your kitchen decor.

Professional saucepans for restaurants or saucepans with handles for the home kitchen?

The biggest problem is the choice of kitchen saucepan, that will rise to the occasion and meet individual needs. Saucepans should complete your set of pots and serve mainly for heating sauces or soups, making puddings and oatmeal. Rondele comes in handy instead of a big bulky pot. If you plan to prepare food for visiting relatives, we suggest larger variants, indispensable especially in a restaurant kitchen. It is worth paying attention to saucepans, whose ergonomic handle does not heat up, making it completely safe to use. Gastronomic stainless steel saucepans are a great solution for kitchen facilities, where equipment is expected to be of the highest quality and operational efficiency.

High-quality materials used in the production of kitchen saucepans

In our SmartGAST store you will find cast iron saucepans, copper and stainless steel. The former are made of iron alloy. When cooking in cast iron saucepans the element permeates the dishes, but it is worth remembering that they are intended only for cooking food, not storing it. Cast iron saucepans will work well on both gas, electric and induction stoves. However, remember not to put them in the microwave or dishwasher.

Copper saucepans are elegant and timeless kitchen utensils with extraordinary properties. They are made of 90% copper and 10% aluminum. The advantage of copper saucepans is excellent heat conduction and even heat distribution. Every chef will be pleased to know that the offered by us saucepans are easy to clean.

Stainless steel saucepans are made of high-grade acid-resistant chrome-nickel steel (18/10). This type of saucepans with handles have many advantages, are resistant to scratches and mechanical damage, so that these dishes have a long service life. Stainless steel saucepans heat up quickly, allowing you to melt butter or heat milk in a flash. Forged thermal bottom stainless steel saucepans has a specially shaped bottom. Even at high temperatures offered saucepans retain the ability to fry and cook evenly.

We have made sure that everyone can find something for themselves

In our online store you will find saucepans in various sizes. We have prepared models with a larger capacity of 4.1 l and even 6.8 l, as well as variants with a much smaller capacity, such as 0.7 l. It depends on your preference which saucepan choose. If you prepare dishes in a catering establishment, the choice will be simple. However, this doesn't mean that you won't also find it useful to use smaller saucepans for example, for sauces. Our SmartGAST online store offers a wide range of saucepans with handles, and so you don't have to limit yourself to one or two models. If you are planning to buy saucepans for restaurants, we are sure you will find what you need. Regardless of whether your choice will end up with stainless steel saucepans, will you be tempted to buy copper saucepans, you can be sure of the high quality, durability and functionality of each product.

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