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Blenders - bartending accessories

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Blenders are products that are very popular, not only among professional chefs, but also among people who appreciate good food and love cooking. In our offer you will find a wide selection of professional and robust blenders with high power, which you can adjust with easy-to-use buttons. Modern and functional models are equipped with practical software, so you can easily prepare a variety of smoothies, soups, smoothies or iced coffees. The kitchen should be equipped with blenders that have many functions, are versatile, and are distinguished by the large capacity of the cup. A hand blender is also an excellent and handy solution. It will work well in restaurants and bars, as well as for home use. High-quality, modern blender will completely transform your kitchen and make your daily preparation of healthy meals efficient, fast and fun!

If you're thinking about a bartender's essentials, you absolutely must have a blender in your equipment. Anyone who has prepared a cocktail at least once knows that all the art lies in the perfect mixing of ingredients. Admittedly, the basic liquids can be mixed in the shaker, however, only cocktail blender spreads unlimited possibilities. Many compositions include the addition of blended fruit, crushed ice or other additives, the preparation of which requires that you use a cup blender. Not only bartenders, but also lovers of fruit smoothies or iced coffee are eagerly reaching for this kind of equipment.

Cup blender for smoothies - what else you can use it for?

Professional blender is distinguished in particular by its capacious cup, high blade strength and diverse power of action. Thanks to its numerous functions, it is perfect for mixing the ingredients that go into alcoholic drinks; you can also mix various other things in it, which will be the basis for preparing tasty snacks. Small blender for smoothies will come in handy for all those people who love to mix vegetables and fruits. Such a mixture can replace a traditional breakfast or be a healthy snack. On hot days, no one can say no to an iced coffee. Its secret is a good espresso mixed with milk and ice. That's why blender with ice crushing function will please those who enjoy the coffee drink.

Cup blender may also come in handy for lovers of creamy soups. This is a great way to quickly prepare a warm dinner for yourself. It is also a mobilization to eat more vegetables and spark kitchen creativity. Using a blender, you can also quickly prepare salad dressings or various types of dressings. You love pesto? Throw your favorite ingredients into a cup and prepare a homemade version of this delicious appetizer.

Catering blenders in the offer of SmartGAST

Our store offers both simple hand blenders and advanced blenders gastronomic blenders, that will meet the needs of catering outlets. Bartender Blender, which will have a variety of functions, will allow you to prepare both fancy drinks and non-alcoholic compositions. Blender with ice crushing function will make it unnecessary to buy a separate crusher, thus saving space and money.

At SmartGAST you will stock up on:

  • Cup blenders for cocktails - basic models with an interchangeable jug will allow you to thoroughly mix the ingredients that form the base of many drinks. Removable cup allows you to easily wash the inside and prepare it for further use. Variable working force and good quality blades allow to blend both soft ingredients and hard pieces.
  • Blenders with ice crushing function - the ability to crush ice is an incredible convenience to your work. Often the cubes we have access to are too large, and the basis of drinks should be crushed ice. Using a blender with a crushing function, you will prepare the base for cocktails in a few moments.
  • Professional blenders - are the most advanced devices that have features not available in simple models. They have control panels and allow quick preparation of ingredients. They are designed to work for hours and are trouble-free. Therefore, if you are a bartender or owner of a catering outlet, bet on a professional blender providing many opportunities.

Bartender blender or small smoothie blender - which to choose?

Choosing the right cup blender may seem like a difficult matter. However, there are universal guidelines that can be used to guide you in choosing a. Note that this is equipment that often complements other professional equipment such as siphons or citrus squeezers. That's why it's worth considering whether you're betting on multifunctional devices, or whether a basic small smoothie blender. Also important will be the capacity of the cup, the number of blades and the power at which the device works. The more often we intend to use it, the more efficient our device should be.

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