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Pancake makers

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Pancakes are a dish that is increasingly found not only in milk bars, but also in smaller or larger restaurants or food outlets. This dish can be served both sweet and dry, so everyone can adjust it to their taste and appetite. Pancake makers are devices that allow you to prepare pancakes precisely and quickly, without the need for additional frying dishes. Find out what opportunities a pancake maker can provide for your food service establishment.

What benefits the pancake maker provides?

Frying pancakes in a skillet can be tiring. This is due to the fact that heat is unevenly distributed, so pancakes can be burnt in one place and raw in another. In addition, an inadequately heated pan, results in discarding the prepared pancake. If you want to incorporate pancakes into your offerings, bet on a professional catering solution like a pancake maker. It allows you to conveniently fry pancakes without a frying pan or fat, pancakes fried this way are crispy and toasted, and the whole process is not only simpler, but also faster, saving a lot of time, so valuable in catering.

Pancakes can be served both sweet with fruit, sauces, chocolate and nut toppings, as well as in a dry form, with meat, cheese, vegetables or other toppings. A pancake maker in a restaurant or fast food outlet is a huge opportunity related to serving a variety of dishes. This device also allows you to create fluffy pancakes?of the dishes, which are an ideal alternative to sandwiches or other breakfast dishes. Surprise your guests with new menu items and bet on modern pancake makers.

Customize the pancake maker to suit your needs

The SmartGAST store offers a wide range of pancake makers, allowing you to customize them to your needs. We offer round devices equipped with a non-stick coated cast iron plate, which makes it easy to use and clean the device. We offer pancake makers from well-respected manufacturers in the catering industry, such as Bartscher, Redfox, Stalgast and Roller Grill.

Our range includes single or double appliances, so they will work well for both small and large catering outlets. The knob on the front of the appliance is a guarantee of smooth and accurate control of the temperature of the cooktop, and the lights indicate when the appliance is ready for use. Decide for yourself whether a gas or electric appliance is better for you. Opt for a pancake maker with a removable plate for even more convenient and efficient cleaning. High power of the device is a guarantee of efficient operation, which will affect the speed of serving meals.

We offer pancake makers with plate sizes from 350 to 400 millimeters, made of different materials, with different burners and other parameters, so that every restaurant owner will find something for us. Bet on the highest quality and choose SmartGAST pancake machines.

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