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Tilt pans

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If you value multifunctionality, convenience of use and ease of cleaning, tilt pans are a solution made for you. In our offer you can find a large selection of this type of solutions tailored in terms of application and size, to specific catering establishments. Their precise design is a guarantee of reliability even under heavy use. Bet on top-notch solutions for gastronomy and choose products available in the offer of SmartGAST online store.

What is the difference between tilt pans and regular pans?

Standard pans are small working space and shape that makes them difficult to wash. Anyone who has washed dishes in a restaurant at least once knows how difficult it is to keep them clean. It takes a lot of time, and the burnt bottom of the pan used a dozen times, is virtually impossible to clean. In addition, the pan only allows you to prepare one or a maximum of two servings at a time, and the limited number of burners means that this often raises significant problems on larger releases. For those who are looking for more functional solutions, we have created our offer where you can find a better alternative.

Tilt pans are a modern solution that is ideal for professional use in catering establishments. They can be used not only for standard frying of meat, fish, vegetables or seafood, but also for deep-frying and grilling of food. In addition, the tilting pan will also work well for standard cooking with water or as a replacement for a bain-marie to maintain a constant temperature of the dish, which can be put on a plate at any time. Such high functionality makes these devices find their use in catering establishments of different sizes and different characters.

Top-class tilting pans

We know how reliability is extremely important in kitchen work, so we offer solutions from only the best manufacturers in the catering industry. On our site you can find tilting pans from companies such as Bartscher, FAGOR, Kromet, MBM, RM Gastro, Red Fox, Resto Quality and Stalgast. Deciding to buy from our store, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality equipment, for the production of which safe and resistant to water, heat and chemicals materials were used.

Find a solution tailored to your needs

Among the tilting pans on our site, you can find both gas and electric ones. This allows everyone to choose which solution will work better in their kitchen. We offer small or large equipment to fit the size of the restaurant and its needs. They will make braising, cooking, frying and grilling easy and enjoyable, and the whole process involved in taking care of cleanliness will take less time. These devices are dedicated to the heating line, and can also function as stand-alone stations. Bet on the highest quality and choose tilting pans from SmartGAST store.

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