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Decanters are an extraordinary piece of tableware that works well in every home and in all restaurants, bars, cafes and pastry shops. They fit perfectly in many interiors, but are equally suitable for outdoor dining, such as restaurants. Such a beautiful glass carafe simply needs to be filled with water or juice, and on its own it creates an aesthetic and stylish addition to any table. In the offer of SmartGAST store we have many interesting proposals from the category of glass decanters.

Application of glass decanters from SmartGAST store

Glass decanters are most commonly found in restaurants, bars, cafes and pastry shops. They look modern, aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. You only have to look at them to know that you are dealing with something elegant and tasteful. The style of the decanters makes even the water poured into them look unique and creates a beautiful decoration for the table. Most often glass decanters are filled with juices, waters and lemonades, but there is no shortage of such places where wine or homemade liquors are served from decanters. Glass decanters are great for elegant dinners, family lunches or for meeting friends outdoors. Despite its aesthetic and tasteful style, the glass carafe blends well with nature and its vibrant colors.

Decanters also work well in homes. For example, you can put them on the table during a family dinner or breakfast with loved ones. A glass carafe is great for all circumstances, but it is better not to give it to children. Due to its shape and relatively large weight, the glass carafe is not easy for small hands to grasp for a child. It will perform better in mature hands. In this case, moving the carafe or pouring the drink does not cause any problem.

Romance and elegance encased in a glass vessel!

Glass decanters have something about them that you also feel when using cups. They are associated with times when the use of a decanter was something extremely luxurious and occasional. Drinking from such a decanter can be associated with a moment of relaxation, rest and breathing. The decanters are created to make the moments spent with them more enjoyable. Their combination of simplicity and elegance creates an amazing mix that works well regardless of the environment. Glass decanters can be found everywhere and that is their undoubted charm. With them, you can enjoy a quiet drink of water at a quick meeting or wine or liquor at a romantic dinner. In either case, the glass decanters will look tasteful and chic, even on a coffee shop table for a quick lunch.

Sizes and different models of glass decanters from the offer of SmartGAST store

The SmartGAST store offers glass decanters of various types. When buying, pay attention to the number of pieces in the set and the size of the decanters. We offer small decanters that hold about 250 ml, as well as liter and even one-and-a-half-liter decanters. The decanters in our range are available in various shapes. Classic variants resemble rollers with an aesthetic indentation near the top of the glass. Modern variants rely on sharp cuts and square tips of glass decanters. The choice of the style and size of the decanter depends on its use, for example, for minimalist restaurants will fit liter wine decanters with a square top.

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