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Low glasses

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Extremely convenient for many drinks are low glasses, in which you can consume pleasant, tasty drinks. Low glasses can be found in many restaurants, bars or clubs. They are mainly used for serving mineral water and juices, but can also be used for alcoholic beverages or drinks. A well-chosen low glass allows you to enjoy your drink and contributes to the elegant aesthetics of the interior.

Low glasses ? what they are?

Low glasses are dishes that are characterized by their low walls. Most often they are a few centimeters each. They fit quietly in the palm of your hand, making them a convenient and aesthetically pleasing solution, chosen by many people. They can be used at home during daily use or during parties and celebrations. Low glasses are also often seen in restaurants, bars or clubs. They work well for serving along with carafes or pitchers, so that guests can add a drink to themselves at any time, depending on their own needs.

What low glasses are used for?

In low glasses, mainly water, juices and spirits are served. They are used for drinks in which no additives are needed. In low glasses do not add anything that takes up a lot of space, unless it is small fruit. Low glasses include some dishes for coffee and high-alcohol drinks. In glasses of this type you can serve tea, coffee or whisky, alone or with carbonated beverage. Sweet carbonated beverages also work well in this type of vessel, which we can conveniently consume without any additives.

Appearance and shapes of low glasses

Low glasses are available for sale in a variety of forms, styles and designs. In the SmartGAST store we have prepared many interesting proposals from this category, so that everyone can find the perfect dishes for themselves. We offer classic low glasses, such as tapered at the top and bottom, with clear glass. Such low glasses are ideal for juices and mineral waters. We also offer low glasses, which in their appearance resemble vodka glasses. These will work well in modern interiors or at parties. Noteworthy, however, are the low glasses with double walls, which look industrial and extremely modern. Thanks to their design, you can delight your guests by serving them even ordinary juice in an unusual way. Such low glasses with double walls can have smooth glass or patterned glass, which further emphasizes the innovative look of the vessel. It is also worth noting the glasses, which are tapered only at the top. Their design is extremely modern and elegant, so they work well in minimalist interiors.

Convenience of using low glasses from SmattGAST store offer

Each low glass fits easily in the hand, making it comfortable to hold and use, even when there is no handle. All you have to do is just lift it with your hand to enjoy your favorite drink. The high durability of the products in our range guarantees that no damage should occur to the low glasses during their use. They are durable, long-lasting and scratch-resistant. Importantly, to clean the low glasses in a quick and eco-friendly way, just put them in the dishwasher. These types of dishes do not need to be washed by hand!

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