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Pizza ovens - accessories

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We offer professional accessories for baking pizzas. The products available in the assortment of our store will work great not only in pizzerias, but also in all restaurants and catering outlets serving this popular dish. We have prepared aluminum baking sheets and grids for pizzas, which allow you to maintain the proper shape of the pie while baking it. To remove the hot pizza from the oven, you need to use a suitable shovel, so we have such instruments as well. Depending on your preference, you can choose round or rectangular shovels, perforated or with a solid surface, placed on a solid aluminum handle of different lengths. We also offer shovels made of natural wood. The wide range of products also includes special oven cleaning utensils, as well as dough cutting knives or spoons to help with pizza preparation.

Pizza baking sheets

Pizza is a dish that has conquered the whole world. It appeared many years ago in Naples in southern Italy. Along with Italian immigrants, it made its way all the way to New York, where the recipe for this simple and tasty dish delighted and became a way of doing great business. Pizza dough is certainly the basis of success, but the second factor is a good oven, which heats up to a very high temperature and in a few tens of seconds bakes a yeasty pancake with cheese and a variety of toppings. Modern catering also uses many different types of accessories to help bake the perfect pizza.

Among other things, we have prepared pizza trays in various sizes in our store. Here you will choose both a small mold with a diameter of 180 millimeters, as well as sizeable sheets with a diameter of 50 centimeters. The side rims prevent the cake from falling out, while allowing it to rise impressively at the edges. In our offer you will find not only round baking trays, but also rectangular ones, which will make it easier to bake pizzas ideal for dividing into multiple portions. We also have molds with perforated bottoms, and Red Fox also recommends oxidized molds and aluminum mesh for pizzas.

Accessories useful not only in a pizzeria

For taking out and turning pizzas in a large preheated oven, we offer shovels in various shapes and sizes. Buy wooden or aluminum shovels in round or rectangular versions with rounded edges. Long, reinforced handles ensure safe use of the instruments. Shovels can be purchased individually or in sets consisting of several sizes of these tools. Choose from a variety of handle lengths and perforated shovels. When preparing pizzas, spoons are also useful. So at SmartGAST we have prepared professional spoons for spreading sauces.

Portioning the pizza is as important as the preparation itself. It's thanks to the proper cut of the dough that customers can easily share the tasty pie with toppings. So with us you will buy a professional cutting blade made of chrome steel, with the help of which you can easily cut through thick cakes, even with a large amount of stuffing. The rotating blade allows the movement to cut from the top, rather than sliding as when slicing with a traditional knife. A sturdy handle made of high-quality plastic provides a comfortable grip on the knife, and a solid collar protects the thumb from contact with the blade.

For cleaning the stove, we have prepared special brushes on a long handle. The stainless steel scraper and brass bristles will help get rid of dirt and sediment from the chamotte plates, both when the pizza is baked directly on them and when sheet metal is used.

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