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Refreshing, freshly squeezed juice served at home or at your favorite restaurant or cafe is not only a great addition to breakfast or dessert, but also an ideal way to provide your body with the right vitamins. In the offer of our SmartGAST store you will find practical and durable juicers, with which you can quickly and efficiently prepare your favorite fruit or vegetable juice. Made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, they are distinguished by high-powered motors that allow for long operating times. Juicers come in many models and sizes, have trays for fruit and vegetable pulp, and have low noise levels during operation. Whether you are looking for professional equipment for restaurants, or you are interested in the simplest automatic juicer for home use - in our online store you will find an attractive and extensive selection of top quality equipment that will work in any situation!

In addition to serving liquor and drinks made from it, many catering establishments also serve soft drinks to complement their offerings. Freshly squeezed juices are very popular, allowing you to enjoy the taste of fruits to the maximum. That's why people who run bars choose to buy a catering juicer. It allows you to prepare drinks for people who do not drink alcohol or for younger customers. This is a popular equipment that is also useful in cafes and restaurants. Guests often want to order a drink to go with their meals, which, like the dish ordered, is prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients. Fresh juice made with a low-speed juicer. A restaurant that has freshly squeezed juice on offer gains in the eyes of its customers. Juices are also a good addition to alcohol-based cocktails, which is why slow juicers are also chosen by bartenders completing their bartending accessories.

Industrial juicers - what are the advantages of such equipment?

Juice from a carton, even if it is of good quality, will never taste as good as freshly squeezed juice made in a fruit juicer. The effect will depend on the device you decide on. So match the type of device to the number of drinks you will be making and to the needs of your establishment. So what options do you have?

The most advanced appliances are catering juicers. Their mechanism is based on a spinning strainer that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables during the rotating motion. The strainer on the sides has small cutting holes that make it easy to extract the juice and squeeze the nectar to the last drop. An additional advantage is that the pulp that is produced after squeezing is discharged into an external container. Such a solution is especially important in places where large quantities of juices are prepared. Therefore, the advanced features in industrial juicers outperform devices designed for home use. The lack of a strainer and container forces constant interruptions, which is acceptable when making two glasses of juice, but a nuisance if making juices on a larger scale. The juice, which will be squeezed using a catering juicer, is clear and very smooth no matter what fruit is placed in the device.

An alternative to the industrial juicer is the slow juicer. Its principle of operation is different from that of an industrial device. The roller mounted in it crushes the product thrown into it, which under pressure lets go of the juice. The resulting pulp is deposited on a strainer mounted inside. The downside is the need to clean it, which in a catering environment can be quite cumbersome. The disadvantage of the squeezer is its running time. The machine has to work for a relatively long time to produce a single batch of juice, and pieces that are too large and thick can block the machine. However, this is not a big problem at home, so slow juicer is a dream device to use at home.

Fresh juice with juicers offered in the SmartGAST store

Whether you want to buy a high-speed juicer, or slow speed in our store you will find both types of devices. You can opt for a manual citrus squeezer if you want fresh orange juice at home, or its electric counterpart if you make large quantities of juice or want to use it in your catering establishment. If you are tempted not only by citrus juices, but also want to create compositions from a variety of fruits and vegetables, invest in a professional juicer. Its higher performance will allow you to make a variety of juices. Good juicers is an investment that brings many benefits. Then we have the equipment at hand to make a delicious and healthy drink and use up the fruits and vegetables that are left over in the refrigerator. If you decide on the best equipment for you, you may find that you can no longer do without a juicer. Online store SmartGAST is the perfect address to get in on it.

Still wondering which juicer to buy? First of all, think carefully about what fruits and vegetables you will want to make juice from. For soft produce, a small juicer for fruit with one speed of rotation. However, if you're tempted to squeeze juice from tough fruits and vegetables, such as beets or carrots, go for a slow-running juicer with variable speed control, which will allow you to exploit the potential of these vegetables and squeeze their juice to the last drop.

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