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Catering knives and boards

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Regardless of the business profile of a catering establishment, it is difficult to imagine the work of a chef without professional catering equipment and accessories, such as knives and catering boards. They are indispensable whether preparing salads, sandwiches, dry dishes or fast food dishes. In our SmartGAST online store we have prepared a wide assortment of catering knives and boards, which will find their use in restaurants, bars and mass catering outlets such as school cafeterias, as well as in every household. We offer both universal kitchen accessories and butcher blocks, hACCP knives, or specialty knives, designed primarily for professional use. We are a distributor of only top, industry-recognized brands - customers from all over the country use our services.

Food service knives - ceramic, pastry, steak knives and more

The offer of our SmartGAST store is dedicated to both professionals and cooking enthusiasts who care about fast and precise work in the kitchen. The catering and kitchen knives we offer are distinguished by their excellent durability, solid workmanship and aesthetic appearance. Among the most popular items certainly include:

  • ceramic knives - are chemically inert knives. This means that they do not change either the smell or taste of the food that is prepared with them. A big plus is also their ease of maintenance and durability, which translates into long use of ceramic knives. In the offer of our store SmartGAST you will find ceramic knives in different shapes and lengths.
  • confectionery knives - are knives designed for creating and serving cakes, desserts and baked goods. At you will find knives for cutting cakes, cutting sponge cakes, or pies. They will find their use in cafes, pastry shops and restaurants, as well as in every household. Professional confectionery knives from our offer are much more durable and resistant to damage than classic kitchen knives.
  • steak knives - there is no shortage of steak lovers around the world. To meet the demands of chefs and people who serve perfectly fried steak at home, we have taken care of a wide selection of professional steak knives. High-quality products can easily handle steak of blue, medium, rare, medium well, medium rare and well done degrees.
  • specialty knives - is a range dedicated to catering outlets specializing in a particular type of cuisine, such as Japanese, Spanish or Italian cuisine. Within the category, we offer soft cheese knives, fish scrapers, oyster knives, or boning knives. Knives with excellent cutting properties are also great for experimenting in the home kitchen.

In addition, we leave at your disposal catering knives for carving, vegetable, peeling, HACCP, Japanese, spiked, forged, kitchen knives, Sanelli, Alva, scissors, peelers, sharpeners, nibs, cleavers, meat forks and much more.

Robust catering boards

A good catering board, is an accessory that will come in handy whether you cook for your loved ones, are an avid hobbyist or a professional chef boasting many successes on the local, national and global stage. The wide assortment allows you to match the size, purpose and color of the board to your personal needs and kitchen decor in just a few moments. In accordance with the rules of a professional kitchen, according to the HACCP system, in our store you will find boards in red (for cutting raw meat), green (fruits and vegetables), blue (seafood, raw fish), yellow (raw poultry), brown (cooked meat and cold cuts) and white (dairy and bread) colors. Introducing colored boards whether in a catering space or home is a guarantee of hygiene. We offer cutting and serving boards from top manufacturers such as Merx Team, Stalgast, Alva, Bartscher, Red Fox, TOM-GAST and YATO Gastro.

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