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Bakery refrigeration cabinets

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The basic equipment of most confectionery and bakery establishments is a properly laid out kitchen and storage area, where there should always be a refrigerated bakery cabinet. Refrigeration equipment of this type are used to store semi-finished and finished products in ideal temperature conditions, preventing their destruction and generating financial losses for the company in question. A variety of refrigerated cabinets for bakeries and pastry shops differing in capacity, size and shape and layout of the interior. All of them come from companies such as ASBER, Dora Metal, YATO Gastro and Fagor, which are well known in the gastronomic environment. Be sure to browse all available refrigerated confectionery and bakery cabinets

Refrigerated bakery or confectionery cabinet - why you should have it?

Refrigerated cabinets for confectioneries and bakeries are concretized devices designed to store food, semi-finished products and finished dishes at a suitably low temperature on bakery and confectionery trays. Storage of whole trays with contents is not possible in equipment other than refrigerated cabinets for bakery trays, therefore, their purchase is very profitable and actually inevitable. This equipment is always made of stainless steel for professional use, which does not absorb odors and contaminants, so it is an optimal and hygienic choice among other raw materials. The steel is free of pores and microscopic irregularities, making it simple and quick to remove dried dirt from its surface.

Thick thermal insulation, usually injected under high pressure between the walls, has a high density and effectively insulates the interior from the conditions outside. What it means? Refrigerated confectionery cabinets on the inside are protected from temperature fluctuations caused, for example, by opening the door to the premises or a sudden break in the weather. Many older devices had a very big problem with this. Another advantage of the insulation found in the walls is that it reduces electricity bills, since the unit does not have to run constantly under full load, but serves to maintain an optimal temperature throughout its operation refrigerated cabinet for bakery trays.

Information about the offered cabinets worth knowing

Bakery refrigeration cabinets are equipped with removable slides that are easy to keep clean, and there are also a number of shelves with high load capacity. The large vertical spacing between the slides allows the trays to accommodate tall products as well, and the safe refrigerants ensure efficient operation throughout. It should not be forgotten that confectionery refrigeration cabinet is equipped with forced-air evaporators and condensers that prevent dust and dirt from settling on the food. This ensures that dishes and semi-finished products are protected from damage. Order your new cabinet from our store today and browse our wide range of appliances and accessories in the category refrigeration. If you have any questions, call us or write, we will be happy to answer any questions and clear up any doubts.

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