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Bartender shakers

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The basic gadget, which is even indispensable in the work of a bartender when preparing tasty and refreshing drinks, is a professional shaker. In the offer of our online store SmartGAST we have prepared a wide selection of various shakers that will work well not only in restaurants, bars or clubs, but also in your own home. So if your passion is preparing cocktails, you love exploring new flavors and you love serving drinks to your guests, bet on a professional, sturdy and damage-resistant shaker. Modern design, practical use and, above all, the highest quality workmanship make our products a hit if you care not only about functionality and simple operation, but also about elegant finish. Choose the perfect shaker model for you from the many available in our range. We offer capacious and sturdy gadgets that will greatly facilitate the preparation of drinks for any enthusiast, as well as professional bartenders.

If you think of a basic bartending tool, surely the first thing that comes to mind is a good bartender shaker. It allows you to mix all the ingredients of a cocktail and get the perfect drink. Thanks to the fact that it is lockable, there is no fear of anything spilling out. In the offer of SmartGAST store we have both classic, lockable shakers for cocktails, as well as open boston shakers, which consist of two parts, namely a mixing container and a glass. Drink shakers are useful both at the bar and at home if you prepare cocktails just for yourself. Pouring alcohol and additives directly into a glass will certainly not give you the same effect as mixing them in a shaker. It is not only a gadget, but also a very useful item with which you will make drinks like a professional bartender.

Professional drink shaker - an essential tool for any bartender

With the help of a bartender shaker you will prepare multi-ingredient cocktails such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea or Mojito. It is impossible to imagine the creation of these drinks without proper shaking. After all, James Bond already knew what was good, saying ?shaken, unmixed?. Therefore, whether you order a drink in a small pub or in a fancy hotel bar, the bartender is sure to use the following to prepare it drink shaker.

Why bar shaker is so important for making drinks? Liquids added to cocktails have different densities, so without thorough mixing it is impossible to get a homogeneous mixture. By pouring the ingredients into a shaker, you can also measure the individual ingredients perfectly, so that the result you get is exactly what you need. You can mix in it both the alcohols themselves included in the composition, as well as play advanced bartending tricks and immediately add crushed ice and other additives. If you are a beginner in the art of mixing drinks, bet on a resealable drink shaker, which will allow you to combine all the ingredients with each other without any worries.

What shakers and other bartending accessories you can buy in the SmartGAST store?

If you are interested in bartending accessories, be sure to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store. Here you will find both basic instruments and more advanced solutions dedicated to those skilled in the art of mixing drinks. Among the shakers you can stock up on:

  • Boston shakers - included with or without a glass. It is a tall metal cup with a capacity that can reach up to 800 ml. The addition of a glass is a convenient way to keep the cocktail from spilling out. You can also pour the prepared drink right away and it is then immediately ready to serve.
  • French-type shakers are a composition of two metal elements, namely the cup and the head, forming a tight unit. It is a very popular type of bartender shaker, because it is easy to use even for beginners.
  • Twin shakers - a metal type of drink mixers.

Choosing your first shaker may seem difficult. Many people then ask themselves what the ideal shaker. Store SmartGAST offers a selection of various instruments necessary for mixing drinks. ??The simplest model, which does not cost too much, is the following boston shaker. It is easy to use, yet allows you to conveniently blend ingredients. As your skills develop, you can opt for something more advanced. Who knows, you may eventually be tempted by electric shaker?

What a good shaker should be? Light enough so that making a lot of movements with it, which is necessary when mixing, does not strain our hands. At the same time, sturdy enough to be durable and give satisfaction even after repeated use. It also needs to be easy to clean, even when you prepare a sweet drink in it, which will coat the walls of the vessel. The shaker should also have a capacity that suits our needs. So when buying it, think about whether you are making drinks for just two people or for more.

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