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Ice buckets and bowls

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Wondering how to serve a bottle of champagne or wine to your guests? Your catering establishment lacks elegant ice containers? We have something special for you! In the offer of our online store SmartGAST you will find a wide selection of minimalist, practical and impressive ice buckets and bowls, which are ideal for serving chilled alcohol in bottles. Functional and extremely capacious buckets are a very elegant way to serve champagne or wine. You can also use them to store ice, which you can later use for drinks or refreshing cocktails. Opt for products made of stainless steel, resistant to both high and low temperatures. We offer buckets and bowls of various sizes and capacities in many modern shapes. Fashionable design makes the bartending accessories we offer look extremely stylish and contemporary, so if you care not only about practical solutions, but also about aesthetic appearance, buckets, coolers and bowls are the perfect products for you!

You run your own catering establishment or bar and you want the best possible service for your guests? Be sure to invest in ice buckets, thanks to which you will maintain the right temperature of wine or other beverages served directly to the table. Good quality ice cube bucket great for chilling a bottle of champagne. Remember that it should, above all, perfectly match the alcohol ordered and the decor of the restaurant or bar.

Be sure to take a look at the following we offer bartending accessories, which include ice buckets. Our store offers a variety of products that come in many sizes, shapes and are made of a wide variety of materials. You can buy ice bucket with tongs or other accessories made of stainless steel, glass or plastic.

Which ice buckets are worth choosing?

Ice buckets, which are available in the offer of our SmartGAST store, you will buy in many different varieties. The most popular, of course, is the relatively large champagne ice bucket. We offer both classic models with a subdued design and modern variants that impress with interesting forms and finishes. Large variety of ice buckets allows you to match the product to the decor and character of the catering establishment you are running.

A fantastic choice are ice buckets with tongs, which make it much easier to scoop ice cubes and drop them directly into the drink according to guests' preferences. They are perfect not only for catering establishments, but also for home use.

Elegant ice buckets they are also available in the form of a bowl or so-called box in the form of a square. It is worth investing in ice bucket for champagne, as this not only keeps the drink at the right temperature for consumption for a long time, but also beautifully served, which your guests are sure to notice. In practice, products made of glass look much better, however ice bucket made of aluminum or steel is much better at keeping a low temperature for a longer period of time.

How much does an ice bucket cost?

In our SmartGAST store you will buy ice cube trays made of different materials and with different capacities, which translates into price. The cheapest, of course, are the classic ones ice buckets. Our store offers them at prices starting at about 30 zlotys for capacities as high as 4.5 liters.

Slightly more expensive are ice buckets glass or crystal, as the prices of such products can reach up to 100 zlotys. SmartGAST has a number of ice buckets, which meet the expectations of even the most demanding consumers. With us you are sure to find ice bucket, which will perfectly match the decor of your premises or home interior, and in addition will allow you to conveniently store and serve ice cubes and all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Is it worth investing in ice buckets?

We offer various types of ice cube buckets and bowls available in several sizes to suit catering establishments and domestic applications. What distinguishes ice buckets? Our store SmartGAST puts quality, durability and design first. In addition, the presented ice buckets are also practical thanks to their ergonomic shapes and additional features.

Decide on champagne ice bucket with a large capacity, so you can maintain the right temperature of the drink even throughout the evening and raise the prestige of your premises. High-end ice bucket made of steel or glass also provides an elegant look to the bottle, which your guests are sure to appreciate. In our SmartGAST store you will also buy citrus squeezers and other catering equipment for the home, restaurant, club or bar.

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