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Catering ovens

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In the SmartGAST store you will find various types of ovens - both convection and steam ovens as well as others. We offer equipment from brands such as Rational, Bartscher, RM Gastro, Stalgast and Red Fox. Depending on your needs, you can choose a convection oven, convection/steam oven, gas oven or ovens designed to prepare specific baked goods. We have professional confectionery ovens for cakes and for pizza or bread. We also offer ovens of various types and special poultry or baking ovens designed for the preparation of frozen and refrigerated food. We also offer the necessary accessories for them, such as metal sheets, growth chambers, hoods, as well as oven bases and oven carts.

Convection, electric and gas ovens

A variety of catering ovens will enable quick and convenient preparation of food in a restaurant or other catering establishment. In the confectionery and bakery they perfectly bake bread and various types of cakes and pastries. Among other things, we offer electric modular stoves made of tempered glass, stainless steel and chamotte panels. Digitally controlled oven will be perfect for various types of catering establishments. We also recommend large pizza, bread and pastry ovens with full interior views of the chamber.

Among the models of gas stoves you will find devices with a steam generator. You can use them with several cooking methods, including low-temperature steam or the MIX program, which is convection with steam. Safe and efficient ovens have adjustable power and speed ranges, as well as chamber cooling systems or cleaning and sludge removal programs. They will improve the operation of any food service facility, while error detection systems and service diagnosis modes will ensure safe use of the equipment on a daily basis. Convection ovens are a good choice for kitchens and restaurants.

Convection and steam ovens

The catering ovens in our store are also equipment for hot air and steam cooking, that is combi steamers. Equipped with functions for cooking meat, fish, egg dishes, desserts and vegetables, as well as preparing baked goods, and frying, boiling, roasting and grilling, they are suitable for most food preparation processes used in gastronomy.

In addition, professional combi steamers are also equipped with intelligent management systems. They have various types of sensors to ensure proper air circulation and the best possible supply of energy to the food. This translates into high equipment performance with minimal energy consumption. Intelligent sensors also recognize the size, quantity and condition of the food, so the management system achieves the desired result in the shortest possible time.

The smart management system also includes cleaning and maintenance of equipment. With automatic recognition of the calcified or dirty state of the equipment, the programs suggest the optimal cleaning and washing modes for the ovens. Some models also include night modes, which do not require supervision or operation. Provide hygienic cleanliness and low cost of regular cleaning of ovens, without the need for manual cleaning. Choose your gastronomic combi steamer.

Smokers, pass-through ovens, hoods and oven carts - convection oven accessories

Recommended hoods, stove bases and reduction caps. We also have smokers, multi-functional electric and gas pass-through ovens, and various types of oven carts. If you're looking for a bakery-pizzeria kit or an oven combination kit, you'll find it with us. You will also find high-end equipment from reputable manufacturers of catering equipment.

The SmartGAST store also offers a variety of stove accessories. These include pizza trays, aluminum baking sheets or perforated silicone sheets. We also have oven proofers, or rising chambers, needed for baking bread, among other things. We also offer pizza shovels and many practical items necessary for convenient use of the oven. Check our offer - combi steamers and convection ovens.

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