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Wine glasses

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Drinking wine for many is an elegant part of romantic dinners or important celebrations. But what would wine be without a special glass that everyone knows well? Wine glass is unique and recognizable by everyone. Its remarkable design boasts elegance, simplicity and style that enhances the tastefulness and beauty of every moment with a well-chosen wine glass.

Wine glasses - construction

The distinctive style of wine lights has been so promoted by the world that it has become one of many pop culture elements. Wine glasses are encountered as symbols or elements of advertisements because their shape is extremely aesthetically pleasing and elegant. Many restaurants deliberately advertise with wine glass photos to show off their offerings from the best side. In this way, they want to convince people who are thirsty for romantic dinners or formal parties. The wine lamp is extremely distinctive mainly by the shape of its bowl. It is semicircular, wider at the roles and slowly tapering to the top.

At the very tip, it has gently rounded ends to look soft and safe. The bowl is held on a long slender leg, which is held by fingers. This design allows not to heat the alcohol during consumption, which in the case of wine is extremely important. They are served at a certain temperature and should be eaten at that temperature. If the wine glass was held with the whole hand, the beverage would be heated by the heat of the skin and lose some of its flavors.

Wine glasses - application

Glasses for this type of liquor are a must for any restaurant, cafe or even pastry shop. People are increasingly willing to opt for a glass of good wine with a delicious meal. Wine is not only associated with a romantic dinner in a restaurant, but is also ideal for highlighting the moment or to enhance the taste. The shape of the glasses and their selection for the wine is important. During the purchase it is worth to pay attention to the size of the glass. For a cafe or pastry shop, it is better to choose smaller glasses, which will do a great job of accentuating the flavor of the dish. For a restaurant or home, it is worth opting for larger models that will allow you to pour a portion of alcohol and enjoy the ongoing moment for a long time. When choosing wine glasses from our offer, pay attention to the cut of the glass, the color and the capacity it offers. We assure you that everyone will find the best glassware for their interior with us.

Delicacy and elegance of wine glasses from the offer of SmartGAST store

Wine and champagne glasses have a shape that is worth emphasizing with the delicacy of workmanship. Such glasses rarely have ornaments or designs. They are mainly characterized by classic shapes and delicate walls. However, we know how important safety is, even more so when using glassware. We make sure that the SmartGAST store offers only products from proven, well-respected manufacturers on the market. Thanks to them and their continuous development, we can guarantee not only beautiful, but also safe to use dishes. Glasses available in our offer are durable, although fragile. Due to the selected materials and technologies used in the production, the wine glasses are resistant to scratches and dents, which increases their lifespan and comfort of use.

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Bardzo sympatyczny i kompetentny kurier. Razem rozpakowaliśmy kartony,aby sprawdzić jakość dostarczonej przesyłki. Po raz pierwszy spotkałam się z tak fachową obsługą. Brawo !
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