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Bakery and confectionery ovens

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We offer professional bakery and pastry ovens from brands such as Stalgast, RM Gastro, UNOX and Resto Quality. We have stoves in different sizes that you can buy vertically or horizontally, adapting to the possibilities of the room. Both convection and combi ovens are available. You can also buy economical and efficient equipment with matching carts. The proposed devices are made of stainless steel more resistant to moisture and high temperatures. Ovens equipped with modern control systems allow easy operation and maximum reduction of baking time. Safe and durable materials ensure protection from burns during operation and easy cleaning of ovens.

Modern bakery and pastry ovens

In the ovens offered in our store you will find, among other things, heat-resistant glass in the doors and LED lighting that allows you to constantly monitor the baking process without having to open the chamber. Depending on your company's needs, you can opt for an oven that can slide 4, 6, or even 16 trays of dough or bakery products at a time.

In our store you can choose modern and economical combi ovens, which allow baking using the circulation of dry air, produced by special fans and chamber steaming. Forced air movement evenly heats and bakes and then goes to the purification filters. During baking, steam also enters the chamber, which prevents the products from drying out and further speeds up their thermal processing.

The advantage of combi steamers is their high efficiency and saving of energy consumed. A very important feature is also the easy cleaning of the ovens, thanks to the automatic systems installed in them, which ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness in the baking chamber.

The best ovens from well-known catering equipment manufacturers

In our store you will buy, among other things, stoves with a cart set by UNOX brand. It is a company that has been offering high-end equipment and baking accessories for pastry shops, bakeries and catering establishments for 30 years. Baking and confectionery ovens with the possibility to adjust the degree of steam and the option to install a food temperature probe, while the brand Red Fox, which belongs to the Czech manufacturer of equipment, offers ? by RM Gastro. This well-known manufacturer in European markets combines modern technologies with the best materials, providing high-end equipment for professional kitchens.

You can buy bakery and pastry ovens with 3, 4 or 8, or even 16 shelves, matching their capacity and performance to the needs of your business. You can choose ovens powered by 230 volts, so you can connect the device in any kitchen, and the small size means that such ovens will also work well in small establishments that offer baked goods on a small scale. Small bakery ovens will work well, among other things, in retail establishments offering baked goods on site or in cocktail bars. You can buy the devices in horizontal or vertical versions, to be placed against the wall. So you'll match the size, shape and power of the stove to your needs.

We recommend high-quality, brand-new equipment with manufacturers' warranties. Take a look at the entire range of our store, where you will also find baking accessories. We also have pizza ovens and many items necessary for restaurants, buffets, cafeterias or food trucks.

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