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Furnace accessories

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Optimum use of a modern catering oven often requires the right accessories. In our offer you will find a wide range of utensils and small auxiliary equipment that will work well in a restaurant, bakery, pizzeria or pastry shop. In the SmartGAST store you will find, among other things, professional banquet baskets and oven carts, as well as holdomats and heat-insulating covers, which will allow you to keep your food at the optimal temperature even for several hours. We also have a variety of gas furnace connection kits and furnace stacking kits, as well as Ethernet Internet (LAN) connections for various types of furnaces. We also offer smokers, water containers for the stove, oil guns, probes and effective cleaners in the form of liquids and powders.

Oven accessories to enhance the capabilities of your kitchen

Today's catering business is constantly creating and using imagination to create new flavors. It's also about diversifying the culinary offerings, and therefore preparing menu novelties. That's why at SmartGAST we meet these needs and offer accessories that will effectively enhance your kitchen operations. At the same time, they do not require investing in more furnaces and incurring high costs. Such products include smokers that are compatible with many models of stoves. It is thanks to them that dishes will acquire a distinctive aroma, and smoking and roasting at high temperatures and with cold smoke allows culinary experiments in the kitchen.

We also have kits to connect the stoves. You'll use them to stack modular ovens or ovens, so you'll increase your ability to serve customers if your catering business gains momentum.

Holdomats, carts and baskets for ovens

If you want to keep the dish at the right temperature, you can use the holdomats offered in our store. These unique devices provide precise temperature control and a finely tuned ventilation system. Holdomat will keep the food with excellent flavor, aroma and moisture, even for several hours after it has been cooked. So it will work well in various types of catering establishments and catering companies or canteens.

For those looking for catering carts, we have prepared moving baskets for ovens, banquet baskets for plates, as well as other accessories. We also offer basket guides, consoles for mounting stoves on the wall or door opening protection. We offer apparatus that works with probes, thermal insulation covers for baskets or oil guns for mechanical spraying. We also have probes that you will use when cooking food using the sous-vide method.

Effective furnace cleaners

We offer various types of descalers and cleaners for stoves. Among other things, you can buy them in the form of sachets found in economical, bulk packaging. We also have liquid cleaners for combi ovens and bakery ovens.

We also recommend special pressure washers with lever control for cleaning ovens. In the SmartGAST store you will also find non-stick sticker sets for turbo ovens, thanks to which you will protect the components of the device from dirt, and the cleaning process itself will be easier. We also offer retractable wash showers.

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