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Oven hoods

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Oven hoods are essential equipment for any professional kitchen. These devices are also useful in private homes where you cook a lot and often. In the SmartGAST store, we offer modern oven hoods that will absorb steam and all sorts of odors emitted during food preparation or cake baking. They also reduce the elevated humidity level in the room, preventing its negative effects on the walls, ceiling and electronic equipment or furniture. In our offer you will find hoods of such brands as RM Gastro, Bartscher, Red Fox or Resto Quality. These products are compatible with the ovens also available on the pages of the SmartGAST store. Check our offer of hoods and stoves of well-known and reputable Polish and foreign manufacturers. We recommend high-quality goods covered by a warranty period.

Modern hoods for stoves of various types

We have prepared hoods for combi ovens, for electric ovens, as well as special models designed for pizza ovens. Condensation hoods will instantly deal with emerging steam. On the other hand, some models have fans that start automatically when the oven door is opened. Depending on the location of the stove, you can choose a hood that is connected directly to the ventilation or does not require such a connection. When choosing the right hood, you should also adapt it to the size of the stove at which it will be installed.

The condensation hoods we offer are designed to remove condensed steam. The collected liquid collects in special gutters, and the design of the eaves allows them to be drained regularly to the outside. Steam rises when cooking on stoves, as well as with heavy use of stoves heated to high temperatures. Thus, by installing condensation hoods, excessive moisture in the premises is prevented.

We offer hoods made of high quality materials that are easy to clean and corrosion resistant. They are also properly protected from the harmful effects of high temperatures in kitchens. You can also buy additional accessories for the hoods to ensure the comfort of their use. All equipment is new and covered by manufacturers' warranty.

Functional and aesthetically pleasing hoods in various shapes and colors

A hood is a very practical and functional device, but manufacturers also care about its appearance and style. As a result, you will find hoods in a variety of forms. You can buy flat hoods for electric modular chamotte stove with raised chamber as high as 115 millimeters. You can choose them in white, steel or the popular inox shade in kitchens.

Aluminum hoods of the German brand Bartscher you will buy in the height of 170 millimeters, which will ensure that they do not take up much space in the kitchen, but at the same time provide optimal conditions for work in it. We also offer hood models compatible with combi ovens. They provide high efficiency and eliminate unpleasant odors without the need to connect them to the ventilation system. The hoods available in our range are manufactured from rust-resistant stainless steel. On Bartscher models, it is possible to manually adjust the airflow with a knob. Wall-mounted hoods consume little electricity, and provide extremely important protection against moisture and odors in the kitchen area.

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