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Tableware items are items that come in handy in any food service establishment. They should be found in restaurants, bars, hotels, wedding houses and all points involved in giving parties and celebrations. Tableware includes a variety of products that facilitate the dispensing of food and dishes to tables where guests are seated. These types of articles can be found in the offer of the store SmartGAST.

Beverage tableware

Tableware items used for beverages are pitchers and carafes. They are available in glass and porcelain form. Well choose the type of plastic to match the design of the entire interior and the overall decorations at the ceremony or party. Glass jugs are created for cold drinks, such as water, juices, sodas or lemonades. Porcelain teapots will work better for serving hot drinks, i.e. for coffee and tea. Pitchers can be used at parties, buffet tables and served to tables in restaurants mainly when there are large groups of guests. Pitchers allow guests to self-serve, making the dining experience more comfortable.

The decanters are extremely elegant and tasteful. They are increasingly seen in cafes, patisseries or small bars. It is advisable to pour water, juice or lemonade into a carafe, but wine also works well in such a vessel. Carafes look good in elegant, subdued and classic interiors, but their popularity has also moved them into modern, rustic, boho-style interiors or outdoor venues.

Tableware for sweets and baked goods

A large part of the range of tableware items in the SmartGAST store are tins, trays and platters for sweets and baked goods. Thanks to them, you can put various kinds of cakes, cookies, fruits or other sweets on the table in an elegant and tasteful way. Platters are mainly associated with parties, but they also work well on buffet tables. Thanks to them, you have three trays on which you can easily arrange baked goods so that they are easily accessible to guests. This is a pleasant solution for each party, as it allows both the effortless application of cakes and cookies and their easy removal, even with a table full of people. Tableware for baking, however, is not only platters and trays, but also spoons cake knives. With them, you can nicely cut baked goods, set them aesthetically and elegantly so that they reach your guests in the best possible condition. Dough knives, on the other hand, are great for dry and soft baked goods.

Tableware for meats, salads and pasta

Tableware items are created to speed up the process of serving meals and make it much more convenient for the service staff. That's why you specifically buy spoons for mixing salads, knives for cutting meat or cake knives. Tableware is made to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, so you can easily use it in a room full of guests.

Tableware also includes salt, pepper and sugar shakers. These items are available constantly on the tables of guests, so it is worth matching them well with all the tableware. Good quality products of this type are available in the SmartGAST store to prepare any important party or family celebration.

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