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Refrigeration equipment

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In our store we do not recognize any compromises, so we offer only reliable and proven solutions, including devices and accessories from the category of refrigeration. The various proposals are characterized by an excellent ratio of price to their quality and are therefore always an optimal and profitable purchase for any company involved in food processing and sales. Prepared by us refrigeration equipment come from the best companies well known in the gastronomic environment for their functionality and uncompromising durability, such as Stalgast, YATO Gastro, Liebherr, Red Fox, Dora Metal and many others. Be sure to read the entire offer refrigeration equipment! Store SmartGAST in case of questions or doubts provides support and technical expertise at each stage of the ordering process.

Refrigeration equipment in catering - products offered in our store

Display refrigeration equipment and production available in our store have been divided into conveniently navigable categories that are sure to make it easier to find the right model. Among the available suggestions, it is worth mentioning bottle coolers indispensable in most bars and venues to store drinks. More often than not, you also need refrigerated tables, including pizza models, as well as salad and bar models, which make it easy to perform all food preparation tasks. In their lower part there are usually large drawers for semi-finished products.

Among the available refrigeration equipment used in catering it is also worth mentioning the cabinets, which are used exclusively for storing large quantities of prepared food. Refrigerated cabinets they differ in capacity and number of shelves or bins, as well as in width and height. The choice of the right model should depend on the free space in the kitchen or company pantry. The different variants also differ in their purpose. Fish cabinets are used only for storing seafood, as they have drains at the bottom for leachate, while bakery cabinets are used for storing dough. Don't forget about dual-temperature cabinets, which provide optimal conditions for several types of food at once, as well as extensions and refrigeration bases. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself as thoroughly as possible with all the gastronomic refrigeration equipment prior to their purchase in order to best meet all expectations of a given restaurateur.

Refrigeration equipment with our store and their impact on the operation of a catering establishment

It is worth knowing that production and display refrigeration equipment used in catering are quite expensive to purchase, especially for premises focused on serving many customers at once. It is worthwhile then to have as much free space as possible to store whole dishes and semi-finished products. On the other hand, in the case of premises with less traffic, you can bet on small equipment, the purchase of which will certainly not strain the budget of a given catering establishment. All equipment in the refrigeration category allows you to control the available dishes and store them in ideal conditions to preserve their shelf life for as long as possible. It is worth knowing that throwing away products stored in inadequate conditions is always a bad option from the point of view of ecology and economy.

Order your new gastronomic refrigeration equipment in our store, take advantage of instant delivery and our assistance at every stage of your purchase. We provide sensational service, fast execution and safety during cooperation. All offered refrigeration equipment are fully new and covered by the warranty period, so they effectively meet all the expectations of the most demanding restaurateurs.

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