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Glass jars are vessels that have been appreciated for many years. They used to be the best way to store and transport food. Then they were replaced by plastic containers, but glass jars are back in favor again. With them, you can safely store various types of food, while not worrying about its condition. In the offer of SmartGAST store we have a wide range of such products at attractive prices.

What are the characteristics of glass jars?

The jars are characterized by a wide, cylindrical design, gently tapered at the bottom and at the very closure. Glass jars are available in screw-on and clamp-on forms. Nowadays, the most common are glass jars, which are closed with a lid sealed with special rubber. That way, you don't have to agonize over unscrewing when you don't have much strength in your hands. The gasket ensures safe storage of the product, as does the cap, plus it allows you to open the jar effortlessly. When choosing a jar, it is important to decide how to seal it. For products such as preserves or salads, screw-top glass jars will work better, and they are sure to last for many months, even more so after proper protection in the form of a seal. Jars with lids will work well for prepared meals and dry food items. They are ideal for storing flour, sugar or salt.

Application of glass jars from the offer of SmartGAST store

Glass jars are suitable for practically everything. They can store and transport goods of various types. Dry products such as pasta, rice or flours will hold up in a glass jar without a problem. Thanks to the airtight lid, no bugs or germs that might want to settle in loose products standing for a long time in the cabinet will get inside. You can also put sweets in the jars, such as cookies or Christmas gingerbread. It's a very good way to lock up the goodies not only from hungry household members. Thanks to the jar, neither cookies nor gingerbread do not moisten, so they are crispy and delicious all the time. Prepared meals, such as soups or one-pot dishes, such as bigos or cured meat, can also be transported in jars. Thanks to their design, the vessel can be tightly sealed and liquid products can be safely transported further. An airtight lid keeps the whole thing from spilling out, plus it makes the meal last longer, so you don't have to eat it right after it's prepared.

The jars can easily be kept in the refrigerator, and when empty, simply put them in the dishwasher to use anew for future meals. Glass jars are also great for transporting products like overnight oatmeal or sweet desserts. You can make them the day before, store them in the refrigerator, and the next day just enjoy a delicious meal that you don't have to do anything over. The use of glass jars for meal prep has become extremely popular, and it is this method of food preparation, among others, that has caused jars to experience their second youth.

Tasteful and elegant glass jars from the SmartGAST range

When looking for a glass jar, pay attention to its size and appearance. The SmartGAST store offers durable, long-lasting glass jars that feature a variety of styles. You can buy from us traditional jars with screw caps, small jars with engraved designs, large jars with lids, and dishes on which you can write. These types of dishes are great for storing various products.

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