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Working in the kitchen is not the easiest thing to do, so we have created an offer that includes a range of equipment that can help you prepare food. We offer the equipment necessary for both small catering establishments and large restaurants. Our assortment will also work well in home kitchens for anyone who treats cooking as a passion. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer.

Always warm and fresh products with our warmers

At SmartGAS, we know how important temperature is to the quality of the meals we offer, so we offer a number of solutions to help heat or maintain the temperature of food products. Among them, you can find various types of fry warmers. French fries lose their temperature extremely quickly, in addition, the cold ones, become soft, thus deprived of flavor, so the french fries heater is an ideal option for all establishments that have this type of addition on their menu.

Among the fry warmers in the SmartGAS store, you can find devices made of safe and durable stainless steel, with temperature control and work and play indicator lights. Among others, we can distinguish between countertop ones, on a frame base or on an open or closed cabinet base. With a wide range of models with different capacities, everyone can find a device perfectly suited to their needs.

Equipment for efficient and fast rice cooking

Another addition that is often on restaurant tables is rice. To make its preparation easier, it is worth betting on a proven solution - a rice cooker. It is equipped with an inner container with a non-stick surface, so that the rice does not stick to its edges or bottom. The high efficiency of 23 and the function of maintaining the temperature after the rice cooking process is over makes this solution extremely functional in gastronomy. At the SmartGAS store, we offer rice cookers in several variants, from small capacities to as much as 27 liters.

Specialized gas furnaces and boilers

The needs of chefs may vary depending on the profile of the restaurant, so our offer includes a wide range of catering equipment. Among the products available on our site you can find, among others, a low-temperature cooking oven, which is ideal for slow cooking or reheating. Extra insulation saves energy, gaskets and a pressed oven chamber with rounded edges make it easy to clean, and temperature control in one-degree increments ensures the perfect temperature for your meals.

We also offer a wide range of electric and gas boilers. The wide range of capacities of these devices and heating methods means that everyone can find a boiler perfectly suited to the size of their production.

Other products available from SmartGAS

This is not all the catering equipment we offer. Our range also includes food dryers, bemars, marinators, smoking apparatus and much, much more. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer for specialized equipment for the kitchen.

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