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Sieves and kitchen strainers for the catering industry

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A sieve is a practical and highly functional accessory that you can use in many different ways, not only in your home kitchen, but also in a catering establishment. This is an indispensable piece of equipment for sifting flour, pureeing cooked vegetables or soft fruits, and preparing food for your kids. In our SmartGAST online store you will find a wide selection of various screens at attractive prices. Depending on your needs, you can choose handy small sieves with an oblong handle, conical sieves, round sieves or traditional sieves made of high-quality stainless steel. We also offer modern and very impressive bamboo strainers with lids, designed for steam cooking. Bet on practical use, durability and reliability - choose the ideal sieve models for you, which you can use in your kitchen in many different ways. SmartGAST guarantees the highest quality and satisfaction guarantee for the products selected!

You may not realize how important it turns out to be when preparing many dishes kitchen strainer. It is used by both amateur cooks and professional chefs in exclusive restaurants. Large kitchen strainer will come in handy when preparing perfect dough without lumps or pureeing soft fruits and vegetables. In our SmartGAST online store we offer a wide selection of strainers for the kitchen, that will give your dishes a unique character. The offered products come from well-known and respected manufacturers, so you can be sure of their high quality and reliability.

Kitchen strainer - characteristics

Sitko is cookware proven for sifting flour, washing fruits and vegetables, and draining water from rice, pasta or potatoes. You can find stainless steel kitchen strainer,metal kitchen strainer, or even bamboo. If you are concerned about saving space in the kitchen, pay attention to the following strainer strainer was characterized by the greatest ergonomics. This will allow you to easily hide a sieve for sifting flour in a cabinet or drawer, making workspace management in the workplace much easier.

Bamboo kitchen strainers to bring out the aroma of your dishes

In our store you will also find modern kitchen strainers bamboo ones designed for steaming. They will give you the opportunity to experiment with dishes from every cuisine of the world. This dish is suitable for preparing delicate gyoza dumplings, rice, and vegetables and fruits. At SmartGAST you can to kitchen strainer of bamboo to buy a cover in the appropriate size. Excellent quality will ensure you a long-lasting relationship and the best dishes under the sun.

Which strainer strainer is best to choose? Does mesh shape and size matter?

Stainless steel kitchen strainer is corrosion and moisture resistant. Some of them have two handles - one to hold the sieve, the other to sit comfortably on the dish. Surface of a large kitchen strainer is additionally chrome-plated, which makes it easy to keep it clean and wash it. In addition, they can be put in the dishwasher, which will make kitchen work easier and more efficient. It will become faster and more enjoyable.

Small mesh kitchen strainers

They should not be missing from your kitchen equipment. Sifting flour will make the dough more plump and aerated. This will help you to avoid a scramble, and the yeast cake will grow better. Moreover, the fine mesh metal kitchen strainer will be ideal for pureeing soft tomatoes. In the offer of our store you will find sieves of different diameters that will meet your needs.

Strainer strainer

This type of strainer will work well for casting off water from food products. If you are preparing a traditional vegetable salad, your kitchen must not be missing a a large kitchen strainer. Large meshes make it easy to temper and drain pasta. Metal kitchen strainer also suitable for washing fruits and vegetables. SmartGAST offers diameters to match your other kitchen items.

Wide assortment only at SmartGAST

In our online store you will find such kitchen utensils as strainer for kitchen conical, which works well for preparing sauces, purées, and also drinks. It will find its use not only in the kitchen facilities at the professional, but also at home. Each offered metal kitchen strainer is made of high-quality material with attention to every detail. In our store, you will choose the mesh size and diameter to suit your needs and preferences. An additional plus is the ability to wash the sieve for sifting flour in the dishwasher. To complete your essential set of stainless steel strainers, view our entire range. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or email. We offer assistance at every stage of the order.

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