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Slicers / Hand slicers for the catering industry

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Hand slicers and shredders are professional products that are an absolute must have if you want a robust and practical equipment for your restaurant kitchen. In our SmartGAST online store we present a wide range of equipment for slicing and shredding vegetables, meats and bread. These sensational products will work well in almost any premises, so we strongly encourage you to choose the right model. We offer freestanding, countertop and handheld slicers. Depending on the model, you can bet on large slicers with a removable drawer for waste and crumbs, whose mode of operation is quiet and fast, or bread slicers that take up a small amount of space on the kitchen counter. The highest quality combined with modern design makes both the slicers and shredders available in our SmartGAST store look extremely impressive and elegant. Choose a practical model and enjoy quick vegetable shredding or effortless slicing of large amounts of bread!

If you run your own restaurant, your shopping list should include, first of all, high-quality catering slicers. At SmartGAST, we offer, among other things, bread and sausage slicers made of high-quality materials, as well as those that can be used to slice vegetables. With their help, the preparation of various meals will become much easier. At SmartGAST, we have taken care of both a wide selection of manual slicers and electric slicers - all so that you can easily match the device to your expectations. Even if your business slices huge amounts of bread, meat or vegetables, you can be sure that with our professional slicers these activities will become much faster and more enjoyable. We rely on proven utensils reputable manufacturers, which are appreciated by demanding users. Hand slicer for bread or hand slicers for vegetables can also be a great decoration for your restaurant.

Hand slicer - is it a good choice?

Among other things, we have prepared for you manual vegetable slicers, which, although they are a relatively classic choice, are still second to none. Why? These models are very easy to use and extremely handy. Each vegetable slicer available from us does not take up too much space, so you can arrange it even in a small place without difficulty. Catering slicers adapted for manual operation are cheaper than electric versions. Manual vegetable slicer will allow you to safely shred all your vegetables. The manual bread slicer, on the other hand, will allow you to perfectly cut, for example, a loaf of bread. Such equipment can be used even for very dry, stale bread. The manual bread slicer will provide you with the perfect thickness of slices, ensuring that their edges are free of any defects. Manual bread slicers, depending on their design, can, by the way, also be used in the preparation of certain cheeses and even vegetables.

Before choosing a manual bread slicer, pay attention to what specifically are its functions, and thus what its intended use may be. Among other things, we currently offer manual slicers for fruits and vegetables, including, for example, tomatoes. The use of very sharp serrated blades, which are made of stainless steel, are a guarantee that a given manual vegetable slicer will allow actually smooth cutting, and in addition, soft vegetables will not be exposed to damage. A manual vegetable slicer is also one of those pieces of equipment that we recommend purchasing for both smaller and very large catering outlets.

Or maybe it's better to choose electric slicers? Characteristics of these specimens

Electric bread slicer is recently one of those equipment that is gaining a growing number of supporters. Professional slicers even allow you to slice vegetables, fruits, bread and cold cuts in express time. Each model we offer is distinguished by the highest quality workmanship and a very modern design. Interested in the perfect electric vegetable slicer? You want to be able to cut with an accuracy of up to 1 mm? If so, you are sure to find what you are looking for with us! Catering slicer will improve food preparation, reducing the time required to prepare all ingredients. The electric slicer you purchase, for example, for bread and sausages, will serve well and for a very long time. Of course, designed for bread, a manual slicer will also be a hit, but you will need to spend more time using it - the same will be true of a manual vegetable or sausage slicer.

Store slicers, which are also used by people who work in restaurants, are a solution that saves a great deal of time and at the same time produces fantastic work results. On your shopping list are multifunctional bread slicers? How about efficient sausage slicers? Wondering if a combined unit in the form of a bread and sausage slicer will be a favorable choice? If so, take a close look at our range now and choose the perfect store slicer for your premises. Professional bread, sausage and vegetable slicers are a must-have for catering establishments where it is important to serve various meals as quickly and neatly as possible.

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