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Boiling pans

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Boiling pans are a great alternative to traditional pots, giving users much more options. This professional solution is ideal for preparing large portions of food, and is extremely safe and easy to use. At SmartGAST you can find a wide selection of boilers with different functions, power supplies or sizes, so everyone can choose the device that best fits their individual needs. Choose a boiler and see how it will improve the efficiency of your food service operation.

Why you should invest in brewing boilers?

Classic pots are often limited in size and capacity, these large models, on the other hand, are very difficult to fit on stovetops, and by taking up so much space, they put other burners out of use. Boiling pans are a great solution that will work wherever there is a need to prepare multiple dishes of the same dish. This situation is most common in large restaurants serving various banquets or special events, milk bars or canteens.

Virtually anything can be prepared in boilers, including soups, meals, pasta, dairy dishes, meat dishes and much, much more. They operate on the principle of indirect heating, where the boiler proper is placed in an enclosure that is filled with water. The resulting water jacket perfectly heats the food being prepared, at the same time effectively insulating it from direct contact with the heat source. This method of operation is the ideal protection against food sticking to the bottom of the dish or burning. In addition to the thermal processing itself, thanks to the ability to precisely set the temperature in the boilers, these devices are ideal for maintaining the optimal temperature of the dish.

Boilers tailored to your needs

We offer a wide range of catering boilers, among which you can find both gas-powered and electric-powered ones. This gives you the opportunity to adapt the device to the capabilities and requirements of a particular kitchen, without making structural changes. We offer freestanding, block, underslung and countertop boilers of various sizes and dimensions. Find the model that best fits the needs of your kitchen and its area. For small venues or wherever brewing boilers are used occasionally or are moved around, we recommend table-top models, while block models are ideal for cafeterias or restaurants preparing large quantities of pasta.

We offer boilers with different capacities, from a few to even 200 liters, so everyone can find the device that will fully meet their needs. In this category you can also find immersion coolers, which are designed to cool the mash during the brewing process. All solutions offered in the SmartGAST store were made with attention to the highest quality and durability, so that this purchase is a guarantee of smooth operation for many years. We invite you to take advantage of our offer for professional catering equipment.

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