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Platters are dishes that are ideal for displaying a variety of dishes. They enjoy high functionality, versatility and beautiful appearance. Their huge advantage is that they can easily adapt to the situation. You can stack hot and cold, salty and sweet products on them, and the platters fit both modern and traditional interiors. In the offer of the SmartGAST store you can find many interesting platters, which are ideal for both home and catering use.

Platters - application

Platters are ideal for all parties, galas and special events. With them, you can elegantly arrange the prepared products and put them on the table. Platters can be used to display appetizers and prepared dishes. They are mainly used to put cheese, cold cuts and meats of various types on tables. On the platters you can usually see pork chops, minced meat, devolay, roulades or pieces of pork neck. Platters are mainly seen on occasions where large portions of a particular food are needed at one time. They can be found at weddings, birthdays, christenings, corporate galas or at the buffet table. Filled with a variety of products, the platters are not only a convenient solution, but also extremely aesthetic. Platters full of food make people want to eat with their eyes and dream of tasting the dishes prepared by the chefs.

Platters - types and shapes

The SmartGAST store offers a variety of platters, which you can purchase for your catering establishment or for your home. Working with the best manufacturers, we have created a wide range of platters, in which you can find platters created for meat and cold cuts, oval platters, oblong platters, round platters, glass platters, metal platters, fish-shaped platters, black platters, red platters, deep platters, square platters, rectangular platters, brown platters, black platters or even platters in a shade of sand. The variety of platters available in our range means that everyone can find the perfect platter for their needs. However, when choosing, it is worth paying attention not only to appearance, but also to size. Next to each platter in the SmartGAST store, information on the size of the dish is added, so that this is sure to work perfectly for a particular establishment or party. For large tables, it is advisable to choose larger platters so that larger portions of prepared food can be placed on them. Instead, smaller platters are great even in small bars or restaurants. On such platters you can serve, for example, appetizers to several people at the table, so that everyone can taste the finished products.

Platters - perfect for any interior

The variety of platters available in the SmartGAST store makes it possible for everyone to choose the perfect product for their interior. For classic decor, metal platters will work well at traditional parties. However, in modern restaurants or establishments, it will be better to bet on platters with an interesting shape and color. Platters should also be matched with other parts of the tableware, so that they perfectly harmonize with it or act as contrasts. For example, you can put white square tableware and rectangular platters of gray, black or beige on the table. A combination of colored items with black or gray platters will also work well. Use, among other things, colorful mugs or cups, which, with subdued platters, will bring an interesting atmosphere to the table, which will be appreciated by all guests.

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