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Gas grills

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Grilled dishes delight with their taste and smoke aroma. You don't need a charcoal grill to serve them to your guests, which requires coal to use, requires a lot of control during food preparation, and is difficult to clean. A great alternative is gas grills, which provide great temperature settings and a number of other benefits. In our offer you can find both free-standing and countertop ones. Prepare flavorful meats, fish, cheeses, vegetables or seafood for your guests with the help of gas grills available in the SmartGAST store.

Free-standing gas grills

We offer a wide selection of free-standing gas grills of various sizes, functions and capabilities. We offer appliances made of the highest quality materials, such as stainless steel and cast iron grates. Among them you can find those with an additional lockable cabinet for necessary accessories or spices. Cast iron grills are a guarantee of long temperature maintenance, thus more economical operation. Transportation of grills is made possible by wheels, which allow it to move freely without force. The SmartGAST store also offers specialized grills for preparing dishes such as gyros, kebab and paella, as well as sturdy gas grills on legs.

Among the advantages of this type of solution are the unique flavor created by melting the fat from the meat and baking it, and turning up the aroma of vegetables, fish or seafood. Covering the grill with a dedicated dome allows you to keep the smoke inside, thus giving an amazing aroma to your food. In addition, a gas grill is definitely more comfortable and easy to use compared to standard charcoal grills. This device definitely heats up faster, there is no need to control the amount and add coal during operation. Gas grills also mean much faster and easier cleaning and much more control over the temperature of the unit.

Adjustable gas grills

Where space is not so abundant or where grills must be placed on the countertop, adjustable grills will be the ideal solution. Among the countertop gas grills available in our offer are those lava and water grills. The former are even ideal for preparing various types of meat or fish dishes, depending on the specific model. We offer lava gas grills, in which grilling is done using special lava stones. They are placed between the burners and the grate, and these heat up so that the food begins to undergo thermal processing. Easy cleaning thanks to a removable grease drawer, as well as thermostat control are among the many advantages of this type of grill.

Top-of-the-line gas grills

At SmartGAST, we know the importance of high quality and reliability of catering equipment, so we offer proven solutions from industry-recognized manufacturers. Among the gas grills you can find devices from brands such as Hendi, MBM, YATTO Gastro and Resto Quality. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer and to place orders through our online store.

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