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Sous Vide

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Sous vide is a modern food preparation technology that is gaining popularity every year. Dishes cooked this way are not only healthier, but also tastier and more flavorful, thanks to the closure for the duration of cooking. In the SmartGAST store you can find a wide selection of different types of equipment and accessories for this particular thermal processing, which will allow you to prepare dishes of the highest quality. Delight your guests with delicious dishes and bet on professional solutions.

What sous vide is all about?

Sous vide is a modern food preparation technology. It involves cooking various meats, fish or vegetables using a vacuum. The whole process is based on sealing the food in a vacuum bag, boiling it, placing it in an ice-water bath and freezing it. As a result, foods retain their nutrients and flavor, and can be kept frozen for longer than the standard time.

Sous vide equipment

We offer a wide selection of various sous vide style food preparation equipment. Among them you can find a wide range of circulators for this technique, which are used for cooking vacuum-packed food at low temperatures. Among other things, we offer portable models that are designed to be attached to pots. These easy-to-use units feature a control panel with LED display that is extremely intuitive and allows precise temperature control.

Another solution is an immersion circulator for sous vide cooking, which is a professional and precise equipment equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, with the ability to export the exact parameters of cooking after it is completed. This equipment provides a guarantee of even heat distribution and high precision and mobility.

In the SmartGAST store you can also find insulated containers for the circulator, which allow for considerable energy savings due to the thermal insulation of the container. The stainless steel housing is a guarantee of durability, and the drain faucet allows for quick and safe emptying of the container. We also offer sous vide tubs of various capacities, bemar circulators, needle probes and much, much more.

Sous vide accessories

In order to prepare food using the sous vide method, you need not only the right equipment, but also specialized accessories. Among them you can find, among others, bags for sous vide and chamber packers of different capacities, sizes and number of pieces per package. They are extremely useful in gastronomy, but also in trade or the broader food service industry. They are suitable not only for sous vide, but also for pasteurization or marinating. Allow for operation in temperatures from -20 to +120?C.

Besides, we also offer specialized insulation balls for sous vide cooking. Their method of operation is to float on the surface of the water, thus forming an insulating coating that reduces evaporation of water. Their use reduces heat loss by up to 90%, resulting in faster food preparation and lower energy costs. The SmartGAST store also offers sous vide kit bags, foam gaskets and other high-end equipment.

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