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Food service strainers

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In the offer of SmartGAST store with catering and bartending products you will also find kitchen accessories that will work well not only in restaurants, cafes or bars, but also in any home. Such practical and indispensable kitchen utensils include strainers, ideal for straining pasta, vegetables, frozen fruit or even for washing meat. Made of heat- and cold-resistant stainless steel, they are extremely durable and sturdy.

We offer classic skimmers in the shape of a tub or bowl, oval colanders with a long handle, and mesh strainers in the form of a large spoon. Depending on your individual preferences, you can opt for capacious skimmers that can accommodate larger amounts of food, or for slightly smaller and more manageable models, sensational for home use. Opt for excellent quality, functionality and practicality and choose from a wide variety of skimmer models to suit your needs.

Strainers are products that should be in the equipment of every kitchen of a catering establishment, bar and household. This type of cookware are simple and practical to use. These are indispensable tools for straining pasta, vegetables and even frozen fruits. Interestingly, using a stainless steel strainer, you can also effectively drain the meat of excess water.

In the offer of our SmartGAST store you will find various types of strainers - for pasta,metal, even mesh made of plastic. With the variety of choices in our online store, you are sure to find something that meets all your expectations. Whether you're looking for equipment for your home or for a catering establishment, it's worth remembering that a gastronomy strainer is a convenient tool to help with many kitchen tasks.

What strainers are available from SmartGAST?

We offer a variety of strainers made of a variety of materials, including metal. There is no doubt that the popular gastronomic colander should be in the equipment of every kitchen. You can choose a strainer in the shape of a spoon, tub or bowl. Depending on what applications you need it for, it should be in the right shape and size.

For straining pasta, the following work best pasta strainers in the shape of a small bowl. This prevents the pasta from sticking together, and the lingering water is completely separated from the product. You value practicality and multiple uses at the same time? In that case, the following will be sensational kitchen strainers made in slightly smaller forms. Not only do you hide them in every kitchen cabinet, but you can also effectively drain water in almost any situation.

Strainers available from SmartGAST are also available in the form with a handle or ergonomic grip. This makes each stainless steel strainer or mesh strainer is convenient to use. Check out the following catering strainers we offer, and choose the one that perfectly fits your expectations.

How much do professional kitchen strainers cost? At SmartGAST, price goes hand in hand with quality

It is worth investing a larger amount in a good quality strainer, thanks to which draining water will be pure pleasure. Have a problem with noodles falling out while straining? Buy pasta strainer made of metal from our offer, and you certainly won't regret it.

As for the cost of purchase, you need to expect to spend about 30 zlotys for a traditional metal strainer with evenly spaced holes. You can also opt for industrial strainer, which is ideal for use in catering establishments. Remember that good stainless steel strainers are those that are not the cheapest, but the most durable. Invest in your own convenience and opt for a combination of functionality and durability - buy a gastronomic colander at SmartGAST.

Why you should have metal colander in your kitchen equipment?

It can be said that metal colanders, in other words catering strainers, are an indispensable piece of equipment for every professional and home kitchen. Why? It is thanks to them that you can drain water, for example, from pasta, vegetables and more. Colanders available in our SmartGAST store can also come in handy when cooking soup, for example, to collect scum.

Among the manufacturers whose catering strainers we sell, you can find Stalgast and Tom-Gast. We always import the offered products directly from suppliers. Is metal strainer is a good choice? It is definitely one of the best solutions due to its ease of use and cleanliness regardless of the kitchen activities performed.

Regardless of whether you opt for a metal colander with handle, whether on industrial strainer, remember that products of this type usually do a great job in combination with a bowl, saucepan and strainer.

What activities you can use the strainers from SmartGAST for?

As an online store SmartGAST we offer various types of stainless steel strainers tailored to the needs of most consumers. You want to strain meat, vegetables, or maybe frozen fruit? It doesn't get any simpler than that, as long as you stock up with a mesh strainer or colander with metal handle. Store SmartGAST will surprise you with a variety of products, so you can buy kitchen strainer high quality that meets the needs of even the most demanding users.

Bet on industrial strainer and ensure that all foods prepared in your food service establishment are properly drained of water. Stainless steel strainers should be in every professional kitchen, as they can be used in many ways. Choose catering strainer, which will match the rest of your kitchen equipment, and you certainly will not regret it.

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