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Catering hood dishwashers

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Hooded dishwashers are devices usually recommended for medium and large catering establishments. They work well for washing a large number of dishes of various types and kitchen accessories, including pots. Provide high temperature washing and disinfection. Simple to use, yet safe and guaranteeing a high level of hygiene, they prove themselves in daily use in many catering establishments and canteens serving food. The dishwashers' robust and durable designs, as well as high-quality materials and components, make the devices perform well in long-term and intensive use.

Functional and easy to use hooded dishwashers

When you buy hood dishwashers for catering, you can use them in a very wide range of ways. Wash various types of dishes hygienically and very quickly. You can use them to wash glass and ceramic items such as glasses or mugs and cups, as well as metal pots, plates or cutlery. By choosing the right size baskets, you will wash both tall glasses and long platters or large trays in them. Simple control of the device and the ability to set the cycle with different lengths and intensity of washing will ensure efficiency of work and invaluable help in any kitchen.

In our store you will buy, among other things, dishwashers with automatic self-cleaning system and energy-saving features. The high power of the hood dishwashers gives them a very good performance. So in a short period of time you will wash dishes and pots of various types, and the staff can take care of other important customer service tasks in the meantime.

Why choose a hooded dishwasher?

If you run a medium or large catering establishment, then an investment such as a hood dishwasher is downright indispensable. This versatile device will not only save time, but also costs associated with the use of running water and energy. You gain the help you need on a daily basis to ensure high standards of service, through impeccably clean and hygienic cutlery, glassware or plates. High-speed cycles will also allow you to serve customers smoothly, without unnecessary downtime waiting for clean dishes, which is the case with the traditional manual washing method.

The risk of damage to glassware or dishes during cleaning is also greatly reduced. Dishwashers also use less detergent, which translates into both cost reduction and environmental well-being. Hooded dishwashers mean better efficiency and organization of work in a catering establishment, as well as convenience for the staff, who can take care of other, more important duties during this time. Easy-to-use hooded dishwashers require minimal involvement from users. They wash quickly and efficiently, providing hygienically clean dishes. In this way, they will ensure high quality service, as well as the absence of problems during possible inspections to check the sanitary conditions of the premises.

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