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Cymbal pads

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Placemats are an essential part of the decoration in any restaurant, cafe or even pastry shop. Such placemats affect the overall perception of the interior in the restaurant and the appearance of the table at which guests are seated. A well-chosen placemat beautifies the entire decor, while being functional and convenient for customers.

Cymbal pads - application

Plate pads serve an aesthetic and hygienic function. Thanks to them you can brighten the interior, beautify it and give it an interesting atmosphere. It is a good idea to have placemats consistent with the entire decor of the room or premises. In this way, a visually pleasing effect is achieved, which attracts customers willing to dine in our premises. However, placemats are not only used to enhance the aesthetics of the decor of a restaurant, bar, pastry shop or cafe. With the pads, you can quickly clean up between customers. All you need to do is replace the pad with a new one, so the next person can sit at a clean table. This affects the speed of service, as well as the comfort of guests and the overall perception of cleanliness in the room, which is a very important factor for catering establishments. When looking for placemats, you should choose models that are easy to clean or wash.

Plate pads - types and colors

There are many placemats available in the SmartGAST store. You can choose from a wide range, which includes round, square, rectangular and even shaped like other geometric figures coasters. The coaster is an important part of the premises, so its appearance should be well matched to the overall decor. It is worth paying attention to colors, hues and patterns. An interesting addition to modern interiors will be checkered placemats, which give the whole table an amazing character. The SmartGAST store offers washers for everyone. We have black coasters with decorations, blue, pink, purple, gray, green or white coasters available. Each color is available in a variety of shades and patterns, making it possible to create colorful compositions on the table in our premises. It is a good idea to use contrasts and mix colors. You can even play with colors on one table and use two colors of coasters. In this case, however, it is worth ensuring that the coasters are of the same size and shape, so that there is not too much chaos on the table.

Plate pads - sized to fit the table

When choosing placemats, pay attention not only to their color or design, but also to their size. The size of the washer should be appropriately matched to the table. Ideally, the pads should not overlap each other to ensure full comfort and convenience for customers. The pads in the SmartGAST store are available in different sizes. Among other things, we offer round plate pads with a diameter of 20 or 26 cm, square ones mainly 45 × 33 cm and rectangular ones made of parchment paper, with a size of 42 × 27.5 cm. It is advisable to buy pads in larger quantities, so that during the day on the premises you can freely exchange them without any obstacles. When choosing coasters for plates, it is worth paying attention to their cleaning method, so that this one is as little as possible for the service, it is good to bet on coasters that can be washed under running water. This makes the daily care of plate pads virtually hassle-free.

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