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Vegetable shredders

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Shredders are devices that significantly facilitate the process of mechanical processing of vegetables. Their use in catering establishments not only speeds it up, but also ensures that it will be carried out in a more accurate and precise manner. In the SmartGAST store you can find a wide range of shredders with different functions and designs, so everyone can find the one best suited to the needs of their own restaurant.

Why you should invest in vegetable slicing shredders?

Slicing and shredding vegetables or fruits with a knife is extremely time-consuming, so find a faster and better alternative. Such seems to be the case with shredders, devices that allow efficient, aesthetic and convenient preparation of chunks, slices or chips of fruits or vegetables of various types. These can be served right away or stored in the refrigerator or freezer for later cooking.

Shredders are ideal wherever it is necessary to shred a large number of vegetables at the same time. It is worth betting on them in all restaurants, fast food bars, eateries or fruit and vegetable processing enterprises. This allows you to automate the entire process, thus gaining time for cooks to devote to other tasks, while shredding or slicing will carry out the

Professional shredders available at SmartGAST store

On our website you will find a wide selection of shredders from industry respected manufacturers such as Hendi, Robot Coupe, SAMMIC, Bartscher and YATO Gastro. All of them are made of the highest quality food-grade materials and equipped with appropriate safety systems, making them not only functional, but also durable and safe. The high quality of this equipment means that it will serve its owners for many years, and thus save the funds associated with the need to replace it.

We offer both electric and manual shredders with different functions, sizes, capacities and dimensions, so everyone will be able to find a device that fits their personal needs. It is worth betting on shredders equipped with pneumatic pressure attachments, which make the operation of the shredder does not require physical effort from the person using it. In addition, models with sleeve feeders allow fully convenient and efficient slicing of vegetables and fruits of different shapes. Changing the grids and discs allows you to prepare vegetables in the desired shape and size, in turn, their high durability protects against damage even in the case of intensive work.

Top-class catering equipment

Shredders are not the only things you can find in the offer of SmartGAST store. We offer a wide range of solutions for professional use that will perfectly fit the needs of even the most demanding premises. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the details of our offer. Electric shredder and manual shredder is available for you at smartgast store.en

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