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Citrus squeezers

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Citrus drinks and cocktails are characterized by a refreshing taste, which you can get only by squeezing the aromatic juice yourself. In the offer of our online store SmartGAST you will find practical, functional and very modern citrus squeezers that will quickly and efficiently turn fruit into delicious, refreshing juice. These sensational devices are distinguished by their excellent build quality and durability. They are characterized by quiet operation and easy to clean, making them very comfortable to use. Many of the models we offer have stainless steel containers and an automatic shut-off sensor, making them energy-efficient products. Choose from a wide variety of citrus squeezers to suit your needs! Freshly squeezed juices available in your own home.

To make delicious drinks and cocktails, you will need citrus squeezers, which are available in our store in many different forms, shapes and prices. You can buy both a manual citrus squeezer, as well as automatic. Citrus squeezer is a useful gadget that works well in catering establishments and homes. If you opt for an electric citrus squeezer, not only save time, but also squeeze juice from a wide variety of fruits.

Citrus squeezers are characterized primarily by high quality workmanship and practicality. Only with this type of bartending accessories refreshing juices, drinks and beverages can be created to meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests.

How much do electric citrus squeezers cost?

Manual Citrus Squeezer in the most popular form is the expense of about 22 zloty. This product is characterized by its simple design and resistance to damage. At SmartGAST you will buy manual fruit squeezer, which will allow you to extract lemon or lime juice in a short time without using excessive force. It is also worth betting on quality and buying a manual fruit squeezer hendi or Tom-Gast brand in amounts exceeding 200 PLN.

However, when you are running your own business, it is essential to consider the possibility of investing in a product such as electric citrus squeezer. This will not only save you time and energy, but also use the full flavor of the fruit for drinks and soft drinks. A product of this type can serve as squeezer for oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits.

How much does it cost electric citrus squeezer? Purchase of a professional automatic citrus squeezer hendi brand will be more than 500 zloty. However, it's worth investing even a little more money to be sure of the following citrus squeezer will work efficiently for a long time and will extract the maximum flavor and aroma from all fruits.

What should characterize a good quality manual fruit squeezer?

Citrus squeezers handhelds should primarily be made of high quality materials to ensure a secure grip and safe use. Lemon squeezers and other fruits are most often made of plastic or shatterproof aluminum. Thus, they can be used for a long time without the risk of any damage to the equipment. Note that citrus squeezer manual is much cheaper than electric.

Automatic fruit squeezer - how it works?

Automatic Citrus Squeezer is an excellent option for any catering establishment. Why? Models citrus fruit squeezers automatic allow you to quickly and effortlessly extract flavorful juice from virtually any fruit.

Principle of operation electric citrus squeezers it's simple. Just plug the device in and that's it. Peeled or unpeeled fruit put into the container of the orange squeezers or lemons are processed into juice and generate minimal waste. Despite the slightly higher prices, it is definitely worth investing in electric citrus squeezer, to significantly speed up your work.

Extruders available at SmartGAST - what sets them apart?

At SmartGAST, we focus on quality, which is why all citrus fruit squeezers come from proven brands appreciated by consumers. We guarantee that both any electric citrus squeezer, as well as manual will meet all your expectations. High-quality manufacturing materials, functionality, durability and attractive market prices are the main features of the lemon squeezers, oranges and other fruits available in our assortment. In addition, we offer assistance at every stage of the order.

Mass production of juices turns out to be essential, especially for hotels with all-inclusive options, so the electric citrus squeezer with high performance will be an excellent option.

In our offer you will find models made of aluminum or plastic for manual use. Note that electric citrus squeezer significantly speeds up work, but requires more money. Before buying, it is worth answering the question of what you need in your home or premises. In the offer of our store in addition to manual citrus squeezers and automatic you will also find ice buckets and bowls, thanks to which you will keep the squeezed juices at the right temperature. Choose your own juicer and select the right size juice container.

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