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A high-end grill is only half the battle of a successful barbecue. In order to enjoy the best taste and flavor of meat, it is also necessary to have high-quality fuel. Such is what you can find in the SmartGAST store, where we offer professional and proven solutions for the kitchen. Our wide range of products includes not only the appliances necessary for the kitchen, but also various types of additives or accessories without which it cannot operate smoothly. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the products available in this category.

Why you should bet on high-quality charcoal?

The aroma of grilled meat, fish or vegetables is something that many of us associate with carefree time spent with loved ones. Now you can bring back those memories in the guests of your catering establishment or restaurant or inn. To be able to do this, in addition to high-quality grilled food in a properly prepared marinade, you will need a high-quality grill, as well as the right kind of coal. In our SmartGAST online store we offer a wide selection of these items, which perfectly fit the needs of modern restaurateurs.

We offer the highest quality charcoal, which was created to meet the needs of catering establishments. This natural product is not only safe, but in addition has a high efficiency, so that the embers will be able to be used for heat treatment for much longer than with cheaper coal. Exceptional fuel made of beech and hornbeam wood is a guarantee of the unique, intense and exceptional aroma of the obtained dishes. In addition to the grill, this coal will also work well in wood-burning stoves. Its even and slow burning is a guarantee of successful baking, and less ash than standard coals is a guarantee of cleaner operation.

Smoke chips are a guarantee of unique aroma

Coal is not the only thing you can find in our offer. We also offer a variety of smoking chips with many aromas and flavors. These small pieces of wood can be compared to spices, which vary in aroma depending on the species of tree from which they were extracted. Some of them will go perfectly with poultry dishes, others will perfectly complement fish, and still others will give a unique flavor to pork. How it works? The smoke produced during the combustion of wood chips penetrates the smoked product, thus penetrating all the aroma and fragrance into it.

Among the many smoking chips available in the SmartGAST store are apricot, beech, cherry, oak, apple, maple, alder, plum or walnut. It is worth playing with compositions to create unique flavors that will delight your guests. The most important thing, however, is to bet on high-end solutions derived only from natural ingredients without dangerous dusts, pollutants or chemical additives. Such are the aromatic smoking chips we offer for smoking hot in a smokehouse or in a wood-burning stove. We cordially invite you to take a look at the wide range of catering products available on our website.

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