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Pizza ovens

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At SmartGAST, we offer pizza ovens in a variety of sizes. We offer appliances maintained in modern design, as well as those with rustic fronts. This way you can match them with the rest of the furnishings in your premises and create a stylistically coherent interior in your chosen characteristic atmosphere.

Pizza oven allows you to quickly prepare the popular dish with a variety of toppings. We offer electric and gas furnaces. Many models can also be used to bake bread or rolls in a variety of shapes, as well as typically Italian bread. We have equipment from brands such as Italforni and Moretti Forni.

Choose a pizza oven for your business needs

Our offer includes, among other things, tunnel and belt ovens for continuous baking. These are efficient devices that will work well in a large catering business, where many customers are served every day. For smaller venues, you can choose pizza ovens of different sizes to fit your space and sales needs. In the SmartGAST store you will also find a multifunctional pass-through oven, which can prepare, depending on the diameter of the pizza, from 54 to as many as 125 pizzas per hour.

For establishments with a wide range, we also offer universal ovens for pizza, bread and pastries. These gas-fired units are controlled via a touchscreen and feature a multi-point probe. A fan with several speeds will allow you to set the optimal conditions for each baked good. The ability to save more than 100 recipes is something that will come in handy in many professional kitchens. The ovens are also equipped with a self-cleaning system, which makes daily operation and regular maintenance and cleaning much easier. We also offer bakery and pizza sets and an electric pizza oven with conveyor belt.

Durable and functional pizza ovens

Professional pizza ovens are usually made of stainless steel. They can have a painted, colorful casing to enhance the modern look of the device. Inside the chamber there are special chamotte plates, which are perfect for high baking temperatures. Internal chamber lighting allows you to follow the entire baking process without having to open the oven. In our ovens you will also find chambers made of aluminum sheet and a refractory heating plate, which allows the oven temperature to reach about 450 degrees Celsius. Tempered glass panes allow you to monitor your baked goods at all times.

We recommend single-chamber ovens, as well as two- and three-chamber ovens, in which you can bake different cakes at the same time. We also have stoves equipped with a hood that carries away all kinds of odors coming out of the chamber and escaping steam. We also offer professional ovens with an attached growth chamber. This gives you the opportunity to use one device for comprehensive preparation of baked goods. Yeast doughs or breads, rolls and other products can await their turn to bake in the optimal best conditions, proper humidity and temperature. The proximity of the oven allows you to instantly transfer raw, risen dough to the heated chamber, without the risk of losing its elasticity and fluffiness.

We invite you to take a look at the entire range of our store. We also recommend useful oven accessories, including baking sheets and grates for grilling and roasting meat. With us you can also buy special bases for your pizza oven.

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